Monday, April 6, 2009

early morning rambling

I am up early to head to the chiropractor this morning and thought I would ramble for a few seconds. For starters, lets just say I am hoping it is a good adjustment. I haven't felt great for a few months and I am trying to gracefully accept the aches and pains of life (I think moving and stress has had a little to do with it). But I am hoping it is a good visit.

We were at the same church yesterday for the 4th time in a row. We have been trying really hard to find a church in our actual town. Rather than driving to the next few towns north of us, trying to connect here. The girls came out of their class all full of smiles, so that is a good thing.

I actually came out of church will all my makeup cried off. It was a combination of a service that focused on Palm Sunday and the crucifixion. And I think that preparing my heart during this Lenten season has made a big difference. We also had communion (which, sad to say, is becoming more rare in churches these days). Note to self...bring some tissues next time.

We are hugely into our bird study. I will have to post what we are doing, but it has been really fun. We are able to name so many birds as we watch outside the window with our binoculars. I wonder if our neighbors think we are spying on them.

The girls are involved in a sewing class. Today is another "lesson". It is the sweetest thing. To watch all these girls sit side by side to work on their quilts. The only bummer for us is our machine has had some attitude lately and it has forced us to borrow 2 machines from a friend.

I hit the local teacher supply store the other day. That place is full of fun and educational games. I am a sucker for things like that. We stocked up on things we needed and a few things that we wanted too. =)

This morning I am thankful for new friends that have reached out to us and included us in as part of their circle of friends. It is such a treat to be included and invited to be part of things. Reminds me of this post HERE.

Some of these ramblings may turn into actual posts...let me know if there is something specific you are looking forward to hearing more about. Hope your Monday starts out great and that this week is a week of reflection for you.


Smith Schoolhouse said...

I love ramblings.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of birds...last week as I was walking by my front door, I noticed a swarm of birds hovering at my holly tree in the front yard. I'm talking 50 birds,and they truly were a swarm-they seemed to move as a unit. They'd hover at my holly bush picking off the berries, then fly off to the woods. Seconds later they'd return and dine some more. They were beautiful light brown birds with yellow-tipped wings and undersides. They continued their cycle until my holly was picked clean! But it was one of those gifts from God that we (I called the boys and Joel over to see) were able to see such a beautiful sight! I'd love to have been able to identify the birds but we don't have any books here to do that.

Jen said...

Well, it sounds like you are getting settled to some extent. I hope you can find a church where you are well connected - it is so life-giving to have Christian support, especially in this day and age.

I hope you'll feel better after your adjustment, too! Ahh, chiropractors - I love 'em. :)

have a blessed day,

Lea Whittaker said...

I have found it hard to "fit" here, of course this is my first experience with moving. I want to say thank you though for being a "gatekeeper" in an area even you are new in!! You guys are great!

Susan said...

Ramble on. Good to hear your heart and what God has for you these days. I've left several messages...give me a call.

Glad church was a blessing....and the girls seemed happy. 4 x's isn't long at all..we have been here a 9 months and are still getting "settled and comfortable" at church...sure takes forever. So, hang in there!!

Glad you can get into the chiropractor. Loving him!!!

Lee and Bev said...

So thankful for the good adjustment this morning! Sure did enjoy the sewing class with the girls!

Tonya said...

Hey there, friend!

I'm happy to hear you're finding a church home to settle in to. I don't know if you know this about me, but we "homechurch". (We started doing this when we lost Brent because the church we were going to was where we had the wake and funeral.. it was just TOO HARD to go back) Anyway, we LOVE it because the environment is more like Sunday school.. it's PERFECT for us. ☺ I shared that to say that we do communion the first Sunday of every month. I'm with you.. it seems that it's becoming more and more rare in churches today. (I never understood how they decided WHEN to do it?) At any rate.. it's nice to know when it's coming up so we can prepare our hearts for it. (Like you, it's an emotional thing for me) ☺

Oh, I also thought of you when I subscribed to a magazine. (I REALLY should have done my homework FIRST, to see if it's "Christian History") SOOOO... the magazine is geared towards children 10 and up. You can read about it here..

Oh, I said I though of you because you're so active in teaching your daughters and you try to make learning FUN for them! I hope that's what these history magazines are going to do for our boys! I'll let you know when they arrive.

Okay, that's enough rambling for me in one day. Ha!!


Annie said...

I'd love church "reviews"....if you can do it anonymously enough. It would give me insight into what church means to you.