Wednesday, July 28, 2010

recap on last years school

We are busy cleaning out the school room and reorganizing our supplies. Preparing a list of things to purchase and getting ready for the new school year. I love to sort and organize so this is always refreshing for me (and yet slightly depressing...we have so much junk to pitch out).

As I look back at our school year, it wasn't as unfruitful as I thought it had been. When I step back and look, we really did get a lot done. We studied ancient history. Began a science study on botany. Completed a whole years worth of grammar. Figured out fractions and Epsilon in Math U See. Not to mention reading, handwriting, thinking skills, spelling, phonics, nature studies, junior naturalists study on reptiles. We also participated in a Keepers group where the girls learned about baking, gardening, cake decorating, food preservation, first aid, library skills. They also joined the homeschool swim group and swam every week at our local rec center and have taken up Karate.

This summer we have done our girls friendship bible study and they are part of an American Girl club and are studying Kaya. We have also kept up with our math each week and spelling too. We have continued on with science and just yesterday spent time identifying a tree from its seed and leaves.

So, I guess it is good to stop. Look back. And see that we really did accomplish a lot last year. Even if it was a crazy year with adoption paperwork, getting our referral, traveling to Africa and adjusting to 2 new boys. Guess I should give myself a break. (wink wink)

Monday, July 26, 2010

testing one two three

Can a few people leave me some comments to see if this new format will work? After getting lots of emails and comments (which I didn't post any of those comments yet) saying you would like to keep following our family blog, I'm trying something a little different. If I can get this to work, I might be a little more motivated to keep this blog up and running and might even spring for a professional blog makeover.

I have tons of pics to share and posts running around in my head, but the spamming has been so frustrating, I haven't been very motivated to make regular posts.

So, let's see if this works. Leave me some comments to try it out.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It might be time to shut it down

I'm getting tired of all the spam comments I am getting on my blog here so I am seriously considering shutting it down or going private. If you are interested in following a private blog you can contact me via email or FB. It's been a fun ride, but it is getting annoying so it seems like it's time to let it go. I don't keep my blog as a place for odd spam comments and it is a shame it has come to this.

I blog as a way to share our life with our family and friends. I blog to keep a journal for our children. I blog to be a testimony for God and how He has worked in my life. I blog to encourage others along their own journey. I blog to share about homeschooling and letterboxing and composting and organizing (all of my different and varied interests). I blog to share out about our families adventure in adoption.

I do not blog for spammers and foreign language comments that fill my inbox with links to vague sites.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


We took some tubes that were intended to be part of a soccer goal and decided they would be better suited at being water tubes.

Everyone had a chance to make their design.

We wondered if the water would defy gravity and move upward.

We liked the zig zag design.

They learned to work as a team and find success.

The only bummer is...they want to do this every day and get wet. =)

Monday, July 12, 2010

purposeful play

Everything I try and do these days has a purpose. I am trying to be intentional with how I structure my day and interact with my children. We are working hard at learning to play. The boys are at a loss for how to play with traditional toys (very normal for adopted children). As I said before, if I want to get some school work done with the girls, I have to have something to keep the boys entertained. So...back to the tot trays.

Building with the locking cubes. At one was interested in these. Then I gave some ideas. Try and measure things with them. How many blocks does it take to measure things.
Tyce even measured himself. I think he used all the cubes.
These balls come out every day. Tate loves to put them into the container. I mixed it up with adding a long tube to drop them into.

Here is a game where you have to find the matching cards and gather them together. Not exactly like the instructions tell you how to play, but I modify everything so Tyce can use it. He then had to use clothes pins to group them. Fine motor and sorting.

I gave the boys these tubes (which were meant to be used for a small soccer goal) and had them make designs with them. I'll post later with all the fun things we came up with. These kids can get creative.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

National Day of Prayer

Yikes...2 months old post here...oh well. Better late than never.

We gathered with some local homeschool families to pray for our leaders before our city held its National Day of Prayer gathering. Good thing we went early for by the time we left, our boys had managed to climb through the flower beds and set off our car alarm. It was clearly our time to leave. =)I love the idea of exposing our children to praying for our leaders. Leaders in our community, city, state and country. We need to teach our kids to pray for others, especially our leaders.

I also think it is important to teach our kids to pray. Not only among our family, but with their friends and even strangers. I loved to see how my girls had grown in their own walk with God from last year's NDP to this year. They are each growing up so much.