Monday, July 12, 2010

purposeful play

Everything I try and do these days has a purpose. I am trying to be intentional with how I structure my day and interact with my children. We are working hard at learning to play. The boys are at a loss for how to play with traditional toys (very normal for adopted children). As I said before, if I want to get some school work done with the girls, I have to have something to keep the boys entertained. So...back to the tot trays.

Building with the locking cubes. At one was interested in these. Then I gave some ideas. Try and measure things with them. How many blocks does it take to measure things.
Tyce even measured himself. I think he used all the cubes.
These balls come out every day. Tate loves to put them into the container. I mixed it up with adding a long tube to drop them into.

Here is a game where you have to find the matching cards and gather them together. Not exactly like the instructions tell you how to play, but I modify everything so Tyce can use it. He then had to use clothes pins to group them. Fine motor and sorting.

I gave the boys these tubes (which were meant to be used for a small soccer goal) and had them make designs with them. I'll post later with all the fun things we came up with. These kids can get creative.


Annie said...

Looks like fun!

I have to stop and think about that word "purposeful". You use it a lot. Another blogger I admire uses "intentional". I have to humbly confess that those words aren't in my vocabulary. Oh, it is not that I don't think about what activities to do, or have the kids do....or what to watch or read. But I do leave the greater part of it all up to the inspiration of the moment. I think of it more as "God's leading" and can think of so many times when letting go of my purpose and intentions led to something so much better. I am really confused about this concept lately.

Tim and Susan said...

Are you trying to home school through the summer? Great creative ideas for the kids.

Christine said...

You have so many amazing ideas!