Wednesday, July 28, 2010

recap on last years school

We are busy cleaning out the school room and reorganizing our supplies. Preparing a list of things to purchase and getting ready for the new school year. I love to sort and organize so this is always refreshing for me (and yet slightly depressing...we have so much junk to pitch out).

As I look back at our school year, it wasn't as unfruitful as I thought it had been. When I step back and look, we really did get a lot done. We studied ancient history. Began a science study on botany. Completed a whole years worth of grammar. Figured out fractions and Epsilon in Math U See. Not to mention reading, handwriting, thinking skills, spelling, phonics, nature studies, junior naturalists study on reptiles. We also participated in a Keepers group where the girls learned about baking, gardening, cake decorating, food preservation, first aid, library skills. They also joined the homeschool swim group and swam every week at our local rec center and have taken up Karate.

This summer we have done our girls friendship bible study and they are part of an American Girl club and are studying Kaya. We have also kept up with our math each week and spelling too. We have continued on with science and just yesterday spent time identifying a tree from its seed and leaves.

So, I guess it is good to stop. Look back. And see that we really did accomplish a lot last year. Even if it was a crazy year with adoption paperwork, getting our referral, traveling to Africa and adjusting to 2 new boys. Guess I should give myself a break. (wink wink)

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