Monday, July 27, 2009

crazy full weekend

Every weekend, we have the discussion..."what are we going to do?" What will our weekend be full of? Chores? Fun? Church? Family time? There are some weekends we don't do much more than laze around and relax (which we probably need to more of that). And then there are weekends when we have SOOOOO much that we cram into it. Like this weekend.

To be honest, I can't even remember what we ended up doing Friday night and Saturday morning. Oh right...I broke my toe on Thursday night so I spent most of it hobbling around and trying to stay off of it. Oh, and I brought a family (who just had a baby) a meal on Friday (but that is besides the point).

After running some errands Saturday morning Chuck decided to work on his plan for his work bench. He had not unpacked the garage tools and work items for lack of a better place to unload them onto. We had a great space in our last house with a big work bench and cool peg board (HERE). He has been itching to make another one. He made a pretty good sketch of one and spent about 50 bucks and he and my dad came up with this work bench. Only needs the peg board to finish it off.I am often impressed with how things turn out when Chuck is involved. There isn't much he can't do well. They cranked this whole thing out (including running to the store for supplies) in less than 4 hours. Talk about ACTION !!! While they were working on the work bench, my mom and I organized the school room and got ready for the next school year.

Then we were out visiting a church in a nearby town on Saturday evening and noticed the big K had all their trees and shrubs for sale. 70% OFF. We have been meaning to get some more trees to provide privacy and shade and all it took was some hint of a bargain to get us going on that project. We picked up 5 trees and got them all in the ground on Sunday afternoon. That makes 11 trees we have planted since we got here.

If you look closely, you can see 3 trees along the neighbor's fence. 2 red maple and one flowering pear and the one closest to the deck is a holly (I wanted one that would stay green year round). These were some of the best looking ones from the clearence rack. It isn't really the best season to plant the trees, but they really needed to get out of the pots and into the ground.

These tress will need a little tender loving care and I am hoping with lots of tree hugging, they will make it. We did have to replace one of the trees that we planted in the front yard (and we paid full price for that one). We got so much rain right after we put it in and the ground had too many air pockets. So our fifth tree went out front.

So far, everything we have planted here has grown well. I have NEVER had flowers take off and spread so easily. They are just beautiful. And to be honest, I am not doing anything special to take care of them. Just watering them when I think of it. I try to weed the bed every few weeks and the rest is up to God to make them beautiful.

So our weekend turned out to have more purpose than we thought. We got a LOT done and worked hard. Now Chuck is back to work so he can rest up from all the labor he put in to make our home so special.


K-Sue said...

Those flowers are beautiful! And so is the workbench. I love then smell of lumber.

carrie said...

Sorry you broke your toe! That is SO painful - I hope it is feeling better now. How great to get so much done in a weekend - and to have your parents close by to help! Great job making things look great.

ScienceGeek said...

I just love a weekend so full of accomplishment. Glad you all had a great time and got lots done. Hope your toe heals quickly.

Annie said...

That yard is sooo peaceful and beautiful. And the work bench is super!

Lea Whittaker said...

I should have told you when we were over there last time how pretty your flowers were! I noticed them and wished to myself that my flower bed could look like that. Glad it was a good weekend. Would love to hear about church

Salzwedel Family said...

You did get a lot accomplished - and with a broken toe no less. Good job!

Tim and Susan said...

Your yard looks so pretty. Love the flowers and new trees. I think planting trees is so cool...they will be there and enjoyed for years and years to come. I have stated to see trees and such starting to go on sale already...I am keeping my eye out for a couple more.

Tim and Susan said...

Forgot to mention the work bench is great!!! Fun. And to have dad help, how nice. So glad you are feeling organized and ready for the school year to start. Yikes, summer is almost over. JT starts school 2 weeks from tomorrow. We are in the midst of "spring cleaning" his room. What a job!

Lee and Bev said...

Great pictures of your yard! So glad you got those trees! Praise God for the sale!

Sean and Lisa said...

Ouch on the toe. Praying it healed in Jesus' name! Your landscaping is beautiful. You just have that green thumb, don't you Crispy?! I love all that green grass too. I miss grass. Up here on the mountain there's not much grass but lots of moss. LOL!
The workbench is cool and love how your parents pitch in to help.How cool is that?! Hey, can you send them my way? I have a school room that needs organizing too. LOL!

marilyn said...

Fantastic pics....great yard...bench...trees.
We planted a flowering pear right near the street. Turned out growing the most delicious pears..but they landed in the street. New owners didn't cut it down either. I'd like to go street sweeping!

Been working on our flower beds also. Neighbor gave us a wishing well they didn't want. I love it planted purple and yellow flowers around and in it. Tonight it just pouring down rain so I won't need to water them.

Good talking w/you this weekend.