Sunday, August 9, 2009

Back to School

We started back to school last week and it was such a good feeling to get back to some routine. I have enjoyed our summer, but I crave routine and schedules. Our first week was full of lots of extras and we were only able to squeeze 4 days of school in (that extra day was spent helping my friend organize her school room).

This year we are entering our 5 year of home education and we are trying a few new things. I thought I might post some of our curriculum and goals for the year so we can look back at it and see if we are on track.

Regular curriculum:

  • Spelling - Sequential Spelling
  • Reading - Pathway readers (including workbooks)
  • Grammar - Easy Grammar (new for us this year)
  • Math - Math U See (finishing Delta and beginning Epsilon)
  • History - Story of the World
  • Science - Apologia (finishing Flying Creatures of the 5th day and starting Botany)
  • Bible - Precepts (kids book about the names of God)
  • Handwriting - Handwriting Without Tears (Can Do Print)


  • working on "thinking skills"
  • trying to tackle Spanish (the learnables)
  • phonics for Tristen (a little more Explode the Code)
  • paragraph editing
  • learning keyboard (typing)
  • lapbooks (probably and Egyptian one)
  • artist study - Mary Cassatt (and making lapbook)
  • Jr. Naturalist Club (studying reptiles)
  • swimming club (one a week)
  • working on money and time (mostly Tristen)

I am still very encouraged after that great homeschooling expo I just went to. I am beginning to see that educating my kids is a full time job and it's no wonder our calendar fills up fast. It is going to be important for me to decide what we are able to spend our time on for extra activities. I desire to be more purposeful in what we carve time out for. Hoping and praying this is a great school year for us (and you too).


Karen said...

Thanks for sharing what you are using.... I always love to see what others are doing :) What are the grades are your girls in? Praying with you for a great school year ~

K-Sue said...

I'm so excited to see your curriculum choices for this year! We'll have something to talk about all year. --not that lack of subject matter has ever been a problem for us.

Where are you starting with SOTW? We are really happy to be moving into the Middle Ages this year.

Ginny said...

I'm looking forward to some routine too. Boy do we need it. We aren't starting school until second week of September though.

crispy said...

Karen, the girls are now in 5th (Tally) and 4th (Tristen).

I figured it was time to take schooling more seriously. We'll see how my plans unfold. =)

K-Sue, we never run out of things to talk about. We are starting with book one. After looking at MFW, I decided to do SOTW first. I really didn't need a whole curr. just needed the history. And I figured I can beef it up for Tally pretty easily.

Anonymous said...

You will LOVE SOTW. We have. That first year is awesome, with so many fun activities to do. If you find another family to work alongside, it's extra fun. We've done it with Keisuzi's crew since book one. We do the reading, coloring work and mapwork at home, then meet once a week for activities. Oh, how I wish I could loan you the stuff I bought at the King Tut exhibit in San Francisco!!! Lots of cool books for the kids, and some heiroglyphic stencils. Even though we're in the "Early Modern Age", we may go back and do an Egyptian lapbook. Please post pictures of the activities you do!!

Tiffany said...

Sounds like a great school year! You probably already have it but if not, I recommend the activity book for SOTW and also Evan Moor's Ancient Civilizations is a great supplement as well. Hope you have a great school year! I look forward to hearing all about your lapbooks. I just love Mary Cassatt!

Lee and Bev said...

Sounds great! Very busy and wonderful goals. Trust it is an encouraging year for you

Julie said...

Are you doing SOTW volume 1? We've done MFW for the last three years (the last two included SOTW vol 3 & 4), this year we are doing SOTW volume 2 (not with My Father's World). The SOTW activity books have a lot of cool things.

crispy said...

We are doing vol. 1. And the activity book is fun for the girls who like the maps and color pages. Plus I have requested TONS of books from the library to supplement. I have no problem piggy backing off of anything we are studying and coming up with lots of extras to do.

Tim and Susan said...

Home Schooling is a BIG job. So glad you take it seriously and make it a priority to do it well...your kids will really be blessed because of it (oh, and you too!!) I am sure you will have a great year. Hey, you started even earlier than our boys.

Anonymous said...

Great post idea. We are also getting back to school this week.