Sunday, August 22, 2010

summer camp

Somehow we found money in the budget to allow our 2 oldest sweet peas to go to summer camp again. It was the HIGHLIGHT of their year. What a blast they had. Swimming, hiking, archery, rock climbing, singing, bible time and lots of hanging with their friends.Tally made it to the top of the rock wall again this year.

We joined them on the last day to get the tour and enjoy the fun for a little bit ourselves. The only down was HOT. And with a little guy strapped to is even more HOT.

The boys didn't quite know what to think about this place. I wonder if Tyce will be able to attend some day. I think he would love the adventure.

The girls opted to attend day camp again. Maybe, just maybe, they might be interested in overnight camp one of these times.

I love it that even though they have a great time with their friends all week long, they still love having a great time together.These two girls are truly best friends. I hope they will always look back on their memories of camp and think it was one of the best places on earth ( that is how I think about my years at camp).

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