Thursday, March 24, 2011

Go SCIENCE !!!!!!!!

We have been using a different science curriculum for school this winter and have really enjoyed it. I bought this book years ago and it has sat on our shelf since then. I like that I can read a lesson to the girls in about a half an hour while they take notes. Then we go over the questions and gather our supplies for any hands on activity. They are not really "experiments" but more like activities. Here Tally is making a FLOOD in a jar. Learning about what might have happened after Noah's flood.

This activity was learning about glaciers and ice. Good thing we had some snow to help out with this experiment. So far, we have only had one experiment not work out well. We tried to grow crystals and it just didn't work.

Most recently we have been studying earthquakes and volcanoes and tectonic plates. How timely that the huge earthquake in Japan is part of our current events so we have an example to talk about.

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