Monday, March 3, 2008

"My tooth fell off"

We drove to our "old" town to see the dentist today to have him fix Tissy's tooth. He was able to put a composite on it and said it looked pretty good but wasn't sure it would hold. We had many errands to run and fun to be had on this beautiful spring day. We were just walking into a park when Tissy said her tooth fell off. Yep. There in her hand was the tooth composite. We headed back to the dentist and did another "patch" on that front tooth. Not sure it will stay but it looks good and it will protect the nerve. Praying it adheres better than the first one. The fuzzy picture shows how it looks now.

A few pictures of us enjoying this spring weather and having fun on a otherwise stressful (with multiple faints for Tissy) day. Tally was a huge help today and was a good sport considering all we went through. I am sure it is hard to have a sister that needs a lot tending too. I know she felt so badly for Tristen and the pain she was in.
We were only able to stay a little bit at this beautiful park that has
natural springs. Some great shots from a lighthouse ride.


5Gustos said...

Her tooth fell off not long after I talked to you, didn't it! Boy, what a day. Take a deep breath!

Susan said...

What a pretty park...SO FLORIDA! It looks like summer...and here we are excited the snow is getting all sloshy and we can see the road. Glad you could get to the park. Sorry about the bad tooth job. Is this temporary until a permanent cap? Hope the bill was not too high? Praying for you all.

Tiffany said...

That park is beautiful! You'll have to give me the exact location sometime. Sounds like a fun family day trip.
How's Tissy's tooth? Is it still on? You may have said this already but is it a permanent tooth?

crispy said...

It is a permanent tooth. After orthodontics are all done we would most likely have to put a veneer on it. Hopefully between now and then it will stay on. So far so good.

The tooth fairy even left some money in the driveway where she fell. Pretty creative of her.

G Sheller said...

Your girls just seem so sweet. Makes me want more girls-although so far my little girl is a real stinker-I guess that's because she's two and has two older brothers. I hope Tissy's tooth stays put this time! That park looks so beautiful-so green! I miss green.

Randi said...

Levi chipped his tooth this weekend, too. Actually, two adult teeth. He hasn't gone to the dentist, yet.
He was playing some kind of tag game in the pitch dark bedroom with a friend and they collided.

Rachel said...

Poor thing! Will continue to pray for her. Is the tooth bringing her pain? The pictures are beautiful. go tooth fairy! Too creative!

Julie said...

That tooth fairy is so creative to leave money in the driveway!!
I'd like to go to that park too, it looks great!