Monday, September 14, 2009

Did I ever tell you that Tally wrote a book?

Yes...that is right she wrote a book this summer (when she was still 10) and we put it up on a blog so she could share it with her friends. Feel free to read it to your kids or let them read it themselves. If you do, please leave her a comment and let her know that you have read it.

Go HERE for the The Mystery of the Scratchy Pipe.


Anonymous said...

OH MY WORD!!!! What an incredible job she did!!! I can't believe that was written by a 10 year old. She's got real talent. You can tell she reads a lot by her choice of detail and her wonderful vocabulary. How wonderful to see the foundations of God's plans for our children and their "slants". BTW, does she call you "Mama"?

crispy said...

Thanks for such kind words. As you can imagine, we are very thrilled to see such amazing God given skills and talent. This was totally self driven. Her idea. We haven't spent any effort on a writing program but we have encouraged her to pursue her passions.

She wrote this out using notebook paper and a pencil and we helped her type it to get it on the computer. It took her several weeks.

And, she sometimes calls me mama (not too much any more though). I think it is mostly mom or mommy.

Marilyn said...

Wow! Dad had better get this one published. Great job, Tally. I loved it. It is better than my Mr. Pumpkin Head. I liked the address, the Lady Bug purse, the bible reference and your school room layout. It was very well written and I totally enjoyed reading it.

Your Grandma

carrie said...

I looked at the web site, but didn't get a chance to read the book yet. I'm sure Hannah Beth would LOVE for me to read it to her sometime. Especially if I show her Tally's picture and explain that she wrote it!! I was surprised at how long it is - Tally must have good perseverance to keep going with such a long project! Great job, Tally - we'll read it very soon!

Tim and Susan said...

I will look at it with the kids and then let her know we saw it. Looking forward to reading it. Thanks for sharing.