Tuesday, September 8, 2009

This and that

  • We hosted a little get together for Tally and her tween age friends on Friday night. We did a movie and pizza and popcorn and candy. It really was a fun party and I will post some pictures and details soon.
  • I resisted the urge to school my kids yesterday. I feel like it is so hard to take a day like that off, but at the same time it is needed to enjoy down time as a family.
  • We all dressed in Chuck's team t-shirts and took part in the free chicken sandwiches at Chick-fil-A. It was yummy!!
  • I recently found some errors from both our bank and a different organization that accidentally charged us too much for a few different things. It pays to pay attention.
  • I have noticed some trees already starting to turn color. OH...I am going to love it here this fall. I haven't had a real "fall" feeling fall in several years.
  • Our first homestudy meeting was today. It was successful and we came home with LOTS of homework type of paper work. I will have to be very diligent to getting all these things done in the next few weeks.
  • Got our finger printing done today and I will mail those documents off tomorrow.
  • I couponed for the first time this week. I am hooked. My bill was about $120 and I saved $61 and paid $59. That's right...I saved more than I paid. Just what I need to help us save some more money around here.
  • I love praying for this new child that will someday join our family.


Tim and Susan said...

Do share more about your couponing!! Especially on-line coupon sites. We used to print on-line coupons in Japan for McDonald's (or if you have an internet phone just so it to them...wild huh?)

Hope you have energy and grace with the first stack of paperwork.

Wow...is this really happening? Too exciting.

marilyn said...

Wow what a great savings!

Sean and Lisa said...

Joining with yous in prayer for your newest blessing!!!
Excited...can you tell?! LOL!

Rachael said...

You just reminded me of a funny story from before we adopted. My oldest, Kristen, had gone to the pantry and taken an inventory (without my knowledge) and she came back to me with a list and said, "MOM! TWO ranch dressings? That's $3 that could have gone towards getting my sister home!" Saving is fun when you have such a great end goal!

Lee and Bev said...

I've got to plunge into the couponing! It still seems a bit overwhelming - but what I save could go toward your adoption fund!

Elle J said...

Would like to hear your step by step procedure of how you clip and keep track of those coupons to get such a huge savings. I used coupons, but not as effective. Well done!!!

carrie said...

Woo hoo! I had a feeling that couponing would be right up your alley if you were not already doing it! Great job!

Hope all that paperwork goes quickly.