Monday, February 1, 2010

SNOW !!!!!! (and our homemade sled)

We had a BLAST this weekend. We got lots of snow (lots for here at least) and we enjoyed every moment. Friday Chuck made it home from work in record time. It took him an hour (only takes about 10 minutes on a regular day). Cars were all over the place and stuck in ditches. He was safe and took it nice and slow. Friday night we took a walk in the snow after dinner. It was beautiful. We walked over to my parents house and visited, then bundled back up and walked home. Our cheeks were stung with frozen flakes hitting them, but it made for great memories.

Saturday was a true "snowed in" day. They don't plow the snow here and no one shovels. It usually melts within the day, so there is no need to worry. But this snow was deep and lasted several days. It would freeze again at night and make it a glistening iced over wonder each morning.

We let the girls wear our OLD snow clothes (yep...they were huge on them but it didn't matter). The kids bundled up and wanted to sled. We have a little hill in our yard and Chuck found some things for them to sled on.
We used an old toboggan and a runner sled. Both are truly antiques. But it was worth it. I think Chuck used this little toboggan when he was little.
Took a break for lunch then decided to head back out in the snow again. This time Chuck took a second to look for ideas on how to make a homemade sled. You see around here people will use anything. Boogie boards, cardboard, laundry baskets, baby pools, garbage bags, blow up pool rafts. You name it...and someone has used it.
This is what Chuck came up with. We call it SPEEDERS. Old skies (that Chuck's parents brought last time they were here) and wood. And it is FAST !!!! And FUN !!!! By the time we were done, Chuck had drilled holes in the tips to tie on the rope. I know you are jealous. =) Talk about a great way to reuse and recycle.
I have to say...what a good Daddy Chuck is. He spent hours helping the girls sled and have fun in the snow. What a special time together as a family. wasn't ALL for the kids. We had a fun runs too.


DebiH. said...

When we were in college there, students would take the cafeteria trays out to sled on! Looks like a wonderful fun day! Scott flew in there last night and says he has never seen that much snow there!

K-Sue said...

I NEVER took college cafeteria trays on snow days, but I was not above using one that had already been liberated from the lunch line. Looks like you all had a BLAST! But aren't you glad you don't have months of snow ahead?

Lea Whittaker said...

Looks like a lot of fun. Great times and lots of great memories for all of you!!

12-arrows said...

what an awesome idea about the skis, I'm gonna remember that and look for some at garage sales this summer. We NEVER have a sled, just too expensive to buy and they never last a whole season, wow how inventive too! My kids will love it! Oh and we are a bit on the envious side about all the snow you've gotten, living in the frozen/cold north we've got nothin' not even had a winter storm warning yet this season! Enjoy!!

Tim and Susan said...

What fun. Love the Skidder thing Chuck made. Glad you could make fun, family memories. Our boys totally miss the snow. They would play almost everyday in it.