Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Remember all that flooding???

We just had to help out in a very small way. That flood that came through our area was disastrous to so many families.

They lost it all.

We have more than we need.

I told the kids to go through their closets and drawers and toys and books to come up with some nice things to pass on.

At first Tyson didn't understand and it was hard for him to have us taking his things away. He quickly got into the spirit of it and enjoyed passing on to others. We explained the situation in very simple English that these kids had nothing and we wanted to share.

Here Tally was helping him bag up his clothes to give away.

Loading up the van with our donations.

Taking our things to a local drop off destination. Easy as that. Passing it on.


Lee and Bev said...

...and to think that only three months ago -these same little boys had nothing - sharing clothes and shoes with every one else at the orphanage. God is so good! We all have much more than we need!

the overtons said...

just precious!!!!

Elle J said...

Excellent, Cris!! I agree with what your mom said. You are teaching your sons so well and so quickly. What a beautiful story.

Your girls are learning too. They look like amazing big sisters to help lead by example.

Julie said...

I was thinking the same thing as "Lee and Bev". Very touching post!

Tim and Susan said...

So glad you could take this chance to teach (and model for) the kids to give and share...how sweet.