Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Spring Has Sprung

We planted seeds for a science project a few weeks ago and I am now just getting these pictures up. I feel sooooooooooo behind in all my tasks and I can only steal a few moments a day to get these extra things done.
Tyson was so into this that he wanted his own set of seeds to grow. He LOVES flowers and plants. He has enjoyed watering his own flowers each day.

These hands on projects are some of my all time favorite ways to learn for school. I think the kids enjoy them and actually learn more when they get to do these kinds of experiments. It has been my goal to do more.

We are using the Apologia series for science and we are currently working on our Botany book. It is slow going, but we like it. I do love how it takes a strong creationist point of view.


Julie said...

I love that Botany book, my favorite experiment (I think it was from there) is the one where you have one seed in a bag taped to the window, one in the refrigerator, and one in a dark cupboard...very neat!

Tim and Susan said...

Rah Rah, love teaching Creation. And love hands on projects...our kids love to plant seeds too and watch them grow. We will have to add that to our project lists this summer. It is SO hot and humid here, things grow like crazy. Sweet pictures of all the kids!!