Wednesday, October 13, 2010

gardening this was months ago (actually, mother's day to be exact). But I have been wanting to get these pictures up here on the blog. I just ordered another blog book from last year so it has motivated me to keep up on the family journaling. For some wonky reason my comments are gone. I had some problems with spam and I did some things to take care of it and tried to bring the comment option back and even though I have enabled the comments to exist, it isn't working. If I can get a few hours to figure it out, I will. But for now...yayyyyyy for pictures.
And speaking of pictures...loving the new photo collage. My kiddos have been sick today, so I spent some time uploading pics and getting some old posting taken care of.

I just LOVE how Tate is holding onto my arm in this pic. He is by my side or on my hip every moment of the day.
Tyce is the hardest worker I have seen. He will dig right in and help out in every situation. I wanted to have a garden to provide us the opportunity to work side by side and bond together. He has shown how much he loves plants and flowers and I thought he would really thrive at tending the garden.

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