Thursday, October 14, 2010

picture updates

We had to get some pictures for our post placement reports. Getting 4 kiddos to look at the camera all at once is so hard to do. And getting the picture in focus is even more difficult. I LOVE taking pics on the stairs here. The lighting is always so pretty.

Tyce always has such a ready smile. There are very few pictures of him where he isn't grinning from ear to ear.

Now getting a picture of Tate...not quite as easy. He is quick to pout for a picture and looks away. And when we get one of him smiling it looks forced. These are cute ones though.

People often ask how the girls are doing with our adjustment with our new boys home. And honestly...they are doing great. They have grown into the rolls of big sisters to 2 little brothers perfectly. The bond between the 2 of them is even more obvious. And they are growing up to be beautiful inside and out.

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