Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Can you tell I LOVE nativity sets???

Every year I am on the hunt for the perfect nativity set. I really want to get the Fisher Price Little People nativity set (that one NEVER goes on sale). Last year I got the one where the kids play in the sand. This year I found a nativity set from Ethiopia carved out of wood (in the middle). And one of my favorite ones is the simple one made out of flower pots.

Tristen has been spending Tuesday afternoons at Grammy's house. She goes there before her art class. Each week they work on a different project. Sometimes they cook or bake. Often they will make an art project together. A few weeks ago I sent her with some supplies I had saved up to make a nativity set. I have had these ideas to make this set for years but never got around to it. Good thing Grammy was willing to help her out.

When Tissy came home with her project, I just about melted. I LOVE it. It turned out so cute. They did a great job. I am hopeful that this will keep for years and years.

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