Friday, January 7, 2011

a visit from the HOFF family

We had our very dear and special friends come and visit back in November. We have know Carl and Shaleen before any of us had kids. I just love these people as if they were born into our family. We have served with them at church, raised our kids together, laughed together and now...we live thousands of miles apart. But that hasn't stopped us from getting together. They have now visited us in 2 different states. And now...our kids are growing up and still have a great time together.We visited a local plantation home and got a great private tour. Our guide filled us all in on local history and the teacher in me loved it all. This beautiful old home is right here in our town.

And then...on the back side of the property is an old cemetery and log homes. Such extremes to the history. Don't you just love the late afternoon sun? Beautiful.

A big thank you to the Hoff family for coming all this way to reconnect and meet our new boys. We love you and wish we lived close enough to see you each week at church.

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