Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Busy with the sewing projects

I wanted to post some pictures of the sewing projects that I have been busy with the past week. I am not much of a seamstress, in fact I hardly know what I am doing. But as with anything new, I dive right in to try and figure it out.

It has been a treat having my mom's old machine to work with. When it works it is wonderful...when it acts up, well, it is then that I am ready to give up on it. I was able to figure out that it only likes plastic bobbins (not metal). I felt like a sewing machine whisperer. Trying to figure out why it was getting stuck and burping out the back side. But once I figured it out (thanks for the ideas Mom), it all went smoothly.

As I posted before, our first project was the dolly dresses for a friend. That motivated us to make more American Girl clothes. First up...I figured I would make my own pattern for a skirt. That's right, I said make my own pattern. Sometimes I wonder if I am a glutton for punishment. What make me think I can make my own pattern??? Am I crazy???

Here are a few step pictures for my own reference for then next time I feel like doing this.

The inspiration of this skirt was the skirt that Molly came in. We thought we would make these a little longer. Here is the side by side with the Molly skirt.

Here is Molly modeling her new skirt with the shirt that Tally designed with her new AG t-shirt gift set. We all thought the mitten design shirt was really cute. (Thanks to our very good friend "earthgirl" for the gift set.)

After all the skirts we had to make jammie pants. Tissy designed her shirt to go with cute plaid PJ pants. This was the first time I had made this pattern too (not my own this time, this one was a store bought pattern). The purple pair of pants were Tissy's choice. She picked out a remnant of matterial that matched pretty well.

A neighbor friend of ours gave us a bag of material that she didn't want anymore and we made a pair of jammie pants for Tally's doll too. We weren't sure what to do with the fabric (most of it is geared toward making baby things or doggy beds). The ABC fabric worked well for the jammie pants.

Then I thought I would try and make a new bag for my clothes pins. My old one didn't work all that well with the hanger (baby sized) it was on. Now it works better. Good way to use that doggie print material. I feel just like Aunt Millie in the Kit books (sorry if you are not familiar with the AG Kit stories), "waste not ~ want not". I didn't want to waste that new material.

So as you can see...we have been busy. I have been sewing like the wind (sorry ~ another vague reference ~ The 3 amigos if any one is still following this rabbit trailing post). {BTW, that last one was for you Chuck}


Christy said...

"My Little Buttercup" and "The singing bush", or how about when he shoots the invisible horseman...I could go on...that's for you Chuck. Funny that you've gotten into sewing, when I was at my mom's a saw all the beautiful quilts and table runners she's done, I got inspired. As soon as baseball season is over (next month), I'm taking my first class. We did some quilting when I was a teenager, but it's been years (literally). Plus she is scheduled to visit in November and I can't wait to pick her brain.
ALL the boys want quilts for their beds, like the ones Nana makes. Whew!

Rachael said...

Boy, you really dive in headfirst when you tackle a new project! Funny though, since you can't accurately gauge size in some of the photos, I thought you were making a pattern for a skirt for a human! I thought that was very, very brave indeed. Then I realized it was for the dolls! :)

Good job on the sewing! I've sewn doll clothes before and it is HARD -- all those little tiny pieces and corners.

Oh, and your doggie fabric? I think that is the exact same fabric that is our kids' bathroom shower curtain!

Tiffany said...

Good job! Sewing is so fun and rewarding. I have a really cute dress pattern for AG dolls if you want to borrow it.

chewhi said...

Funny movie! and happy sewing! keep it up, it's so much fun and yes, you can make your own patterns or at least morph some. Makes me want to get to mine... I'm off!

cindy said...

very impressive! I am so not talented in the sewing category. I am especially impressed that you made doll clothes! Good for you!

K-Sue said...

Very cute! The dollies here are getting ready for a visit.

Chuck said...

I LOVE that movie!!! -- Would you say that you have a plethora? ...are gringos falling from the sky? ...a Sweater!!!!

Way to go Cris & Christy!!!! You can both be my Amigos... err amigAs! =)

Great job on the clothes!


Lee & Bev said...

CRIS - you are such an action person - hmm - wonder where that came from! Good for you! I love the clothes pin bag. I'v been looking all over town for one for Susan's clothes pins. Toni has one - which needs to be replaced as well. At the "vacation house" last week, Lynn had a neat bag that hung over the clothes line. Maybe you should go into business! Love the AG clothes.

Susan said...

Hey, make me a cute clothes pin hanger for Christmas!! I've always wanted one. The clothes look great. I think I would rather make it up as I went along than follow overwhelming, detailed directions. I am sure the girls think their sewing mom it TOPS!!

Susan said...

Tim would totally laugh at the "sew like the wind" movie line...he loves that movie and is often one lining it!

Gabe said...

Love the puppy-kitty fabric!

Smith Schoolhouse said...

wow, you are one handy chick! very inspiring but I don't think I will ever be there.