Tuesday, September 9, 2008

What dear friends

The girls and I were invited to spend the night with some friends and their sweet little gal for her birthday. Oh, what fun we all had. How fun that I was included in the sleep over (we are a little bit of a drive from them). I just have to say, what a dear sweet family. I regret not spending more time with them when we lived just 10 min. away.

Here are the girls blowing out the candles on a "shared" birthday cake (Tally's b-day just a week ago). And also some shots of the the AG dolly dresses that we made for some gifts. Just part of the birthday festivities.

We could have stayed around their place all night and had a great time, but we went out bowling (bumpers, of course) and out to dinner. I am not sure who had more fun, the kids or the adults. We talked just as much as they did. There is something so special when you just gel with a family and you all get along. Those precious friendships that are such a blessing.

The girls enjoyed sleeping in a tent (in the bedroom of course ~so much easier than outside with the bugs and the heat). I am not sure how much sleep everyone got, for we have already had many tears this afternoon as a result of being tired. They are not the only ones who are tired, K-Sue and I stayed up til the wee hours of the morning talking up a storm. Connecting on so many different levels of friendship. From homeschooling to infertility to sharing about serving our sovereign Lord.

I was amazed to get a glimpse into K-Sue's talent for searching and organizing information. This gal has a talent for processing information. She is a huge resource of homeschooling sites (free of course) and oodles of links to places that I have never found. I am pleading and begging her to start a blog and share these great web sites that she has found. I just began to tap into her as a resource of knowledge. (Can you tell I am buttering you up? Please!!! Please start a blog and let us all partake in your info ~ You are like a walking "Google Gal").

OK, I just wanted to share what a blessing it is to have such dear friends. I feel so blessed to have crossed paths with such fantastic friends.


K-Sue said...

Thank you for all those sweet comments. We had such a great time. This afternoon my little girl sacked out on the sofa while reading her puzzle book, and we had to wake her up 2 hours later for supper. The dollies are all dressed in their new dresses with their hair all brushed, and I have downloaded my copy of the Precepts study - see ya' on the other blog.

Susan said...

Hey, Sorry we haven't chatted on the phone. So glad you had a fun time and that God gave you a kindred spirit friend...those are REAL blessings.

Lee & Bev said...

Thanks to K-sue for showing you such a great time and so thankful that you have special realationships like this. Glad you are home safe and that Ike is not heading your way - praying for those though, who will be battling the storm.

Anonymous said...

Oh what a small world it is! I go to church with k-sue and the family. Now I have something to chat with her about! A love for the Peters family.

Anonymous said...

I saw K-sue's hubbie at orchestra practice last night and we had a Peter's moment!

K-Sue said...

Isn't it funny when you see something on a blog that turns out to be someone you know? See you tomorrow, Amy Sue.