Sunday, December 13, 2009

Saint Lucia invites you to breakfast

This morning we were greeted by our sweet girls in traditional fashion with breakfast in bed on Saint Lucia Day (December 13). Over the past 5 years this has become one of our favorite family traditions. The girls plan and prepare (with Grammy's help) to rise early while it is still dark and prepare breakfast for the family.

They enter our bedroom in the dark with only their lighted crowns shining to light the way (don't worry - battery tea lights make it safe). They dress in white gowns and a red sash and say "Saint Lucia invites you to breakfast". Each carrying a tray with breakfast goodies.

This year was extra special because they prepared the breakfast all themselves. They only needed Grammy's help fixing their crowns and setting the alarm. My, oh my, how our little girls are growing up.

Click here and here to see them in years past. Click here and here to read a little about the history of Saint Lucia. Just wondered if any other family out there celebrates Saint Lucia Day and how they do it?


Elle J said...

The gowns are perfect and your girls are beautiful!

K-Sue said...

So sweet. That's a good lookin' breakfast - good job, girls. Nope, we don't celebrate Saint Lucia Day - except to check out what our friends did:)

Annie said...

One of the "houses" in our Middle School is named in honor of St. Lucy. The students all dressed in long white robes; the "St. Lucy" student wore the crown with candles, anda red ribbon belt, and the boys wore tall hats with stars on them. The students carried a plate of ginger cookies to all of the other classrooms.

Tim and Susan said...

The girls look cute. What a fun family tradition.

Lee and Bev said...

Fun to compare pix - the girls are sure growing up!