Monday, December 28, 2009

revolving door

Our home has been somewhat of a revolving door since the middle of October. As soon as one batch of company leaves, I have just about enough time to wash the sheets, clean the bathroom and restock the pantry before the next group arrives.

We have been blessed with lots of visits with family and friends over the last 2 months. We just said goodbye to some dear friends this morning and we are anticipating a visit from Chuck's uncle tomorrow. We had Chuck's parents here for a week in October and again for Christmas. My sister and her family were here for just over a week for Thanksgiving. And we were able to squeeze in a visit from a college friend for a few days.

We have had a great time, but needless to say...we are a bit tired. I am sure everyone is tired right about now. Christmas is over and packed away...and we are ready to get back into a normal routine for school. We have been extra busy with adoption stuff and we haven't had much of any time to take a breath.

I still have very limited internet access and that is why I haven't been online blogging or staying in touch. Sure miss staying connected, but we haven't had a lot of extra time anyhow. I hope you all had a great Christmas season and are staying happy and healthy. Hope to post some pictures soon of all our enjoyable Christmas holiday.


Sean and Lisa said...

So good to hear from you! Glad you have had a busy, but satisfying Christmas season!

Tim and Susan said...

I am sure it has been fun, but a little hard too to have company so much. We always have a "let down" when company leaves...and we are a little tired too. We had 3 of the 5 of us in tears today...about one thing or another...sigh. love you.

K-Sue said...

Thanks for letting us in the revolving door. Our Christmas is still not put away yet.