Sunday, January 3, 2010


While I have been off line...

I have managed to...

  • learn to play Wii tennis (we are borrowing a wii for a bit)
  • packed up all the christmas stuff
  • relearned to play a song on the piano (haven't played in over 20 years)
  • made a quilt from old baby clothes for the girls
  • read some books
  • narrowed down our "american" name choices for the boys
  • sorted and reorganized my coupons

It hasn't been ALL bad not having internet for a few weeks. But I do miss you all. I should be back up and running this week. And with plenty of pictures of all our happenings.

Happy New Year my friends.


Tim and Susan said...

Miss you in the blog world...but glad for time to get other stuff done. Can't wait to see pics of the family quilt.

Karen said...

Miss you too!! I would love to see a pic of the quilt... I have saved special clothing items for the same reason! I am wanting to go ahead and start Emily's. Great minds think alike :)

Sean and Lisa said...

I've missed you too! So glad you've had time to do and enjoy but am also so glad for your popping in and leaving me sweet comments. You always lift my spirits and encourage me!
Thank you for your friendship!
Much love!!

Wife to the Rockstar said...

A little break is always good.

Lee and Bev said...

My goodness! What we accomplish w/o the computer!