Saturday, January 9, 2010

homemade christmas gifts from the girls

Just like we did last year, we all worked hard on homemade gifts for Christmas. Sorry for the delay, but I am working on a different computer and I needed to learn how to upload the pics before I could share them. I will add more photos later as part of my blogging journal, but here are a few pictures of the girls with their gifts.Tally made Papa a pillow that she hand embroidered and sewed on the machine. He loves sailboats so every thing for Papa has sailboats.Grammy gets an apple for her Christmas tree. She loves apples (my dad was raised on an apple farm, so they are special to our whole family).

Tissy embroidered on a hankie for Papa. Yep...that is another sailboat.

After last years homemade napkins, she decided to make some for Grammy. She embroidered a custom set for them. A sailboat to represent Papa and Sudoku to represent Grammy.
Tissy embroidered Africa on a piece of cloth for me to turn into a pillow. She needed help on the machine so we will finish it together. Notice the little heart near Ethiopia? I love it !!!!
Tissy embroidered on a hankie for Grandpa (Chuck's dad). He gets a car for his design. Good thing our grandpa's use handkerchiefs. =)

One of our favorite things to make is a little pouch out of felt. Tally made this one for Grandpa. He can use it to hold special goodies like gift cards.
Tissy made a little watermelon for Grandma. She can put it in her kitchen with her collection or hang it on her Christmas tree.

The girls came up with all these ideas on their own. I was so proud of their creative ideas and thoughtful gestures. They are such sweet girls and they want to share their love for us in such special ways.


Elle J said...

What lovely gifts from your girls. Homemade are the most special ~ love this tradition.

K-Sue said...

I love all these! They are so creative and beautifully executed. Your girls have really taken to needle crafts. These will serve them very well as adults.

Cindy said...

What wonderful and thoughtful gifts! they are doing so well with their needlework!

Annie said...

I'm very impressed.

Tim and Susan said...

The girls are doing great with their sewing and needle work. I would love to do embroidery...and try felt aplique.

Tiffany said...

Those are wonderful! I am impressed with the creativity as well as the different things they could make with embroidery.

marilyn said...

This was such a special Christmas for us. Thanks! Those gifts were so very filled with love.