Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday and the Resurrection Trail

We decided to venture out of the house (AKA our cocoon) and go visit a kid's hands on activity to celebrate Good Friday. A local church has a resurrection trail that allows kids to understand a little more about the events that were part of Christ's death, burrial and resurrection. I'm all about purposeful activities and learning experiences.

We ended up running into another homeschooling adoptive family that recently brought home a boy who was at HH (the orphanage) in Ethiopia. It was interesting to watch the boys greet and say hi and then just look at each other in slight confusion. Oh I wish I could read their thoughts. It must be odd to see someone from your "former world" here in your current life. Lots for these little minds to process.
The Resurrection Trail had stations where you would walk to and hear someone share a bit about the different events that were part of the Easter story. I loved how the used hands on activities to teach.

Petting the donkey.

Washing their feet.

Listening to the disciples share.

Sorry to say, I bet most of this goes over the kid's heads, but hopefully they catch some of it. I so deeply desire them to understand what our Lord went through for us. For His love for each of them.
Nailing the nails on the cross.
We visited an "empty tomb" and rejoiced in the truth that He is not here, He has risen.

A good time out as a family. But it did reinforce the importance of cocooning during these first few months. Our world is VERY simple right now and that is what works for us.
Hope you all have a great Easter weekend. Focusing on God's LOVE and sacrifice for us.


Annie said...

Interesting how much of this is actually part of Catholic liturgy.

I do lots of hands-on, active things like this with kids in my church, too...and I think you are right - a lot of it goes over the kids' heads, but the funny thing is....I think it hits a lot of adults! I know I always gain a lot.

In the end I think that knowing other adopted children, particularly from the same background will be hugely helpful. I've sure found it so. It really is helpful for the children to know that they are not all that "different" and "unique".

the overtons said...

such a beautiful the picture of all of you together.

Bonner Family said...

What a good looking family! I heard about the Resurrection Trail, but we didn't get to try it out this year. Hopefully, we can next year. I'm always surprised at what the girls take it. I'll be thinking that they totally don't get it, and then wham, they say something, and I know that it is slowly seeping in. I hope you all had a blessed Easter!!!

Love to you all!

12-arrows said...

I've never heard of a Resurrection Trail before, what a great idea!

Your family is beautiful, love love love your family pic!!

Anonymous said...

Love the new header!

Tim and Susan said...

What a nice family picture of you all! Glad you are all able to get out now and then!