Sunday, April 25, 2010


Since there is no way to call you right now...I am sending my birthday wishes this way this year.
Let me introduce you all to my sister Sue. She has been my best friend for years and I can say what a blessing it can be to have a sister. We have always had a close relationship and when we were in college, we were roommates for a year. We got married 10 weeks apart (I know...I poor mother) and were each others' brides maids. We only get to see each other every few years as she and her husband and boys are missionaries overseas. When we came home with our boys, she flew here to welcome us home at the airport to show her support for our adoption (just one of the ways she supported us).

She loves her family, serves with her husband and loves the Word of God. Please pray for my sister and her family as they adjust back to a new ministry in full time missions work. I have been praying that God would prepare the hearts of the people as they arrive and settle in to a new town. Pray for their boys as they start a new school. Pray for strength and energy and health.

Happy Birthday Susan !!!!!!!

Wish I could be there with you to enjoy the day together.

a pic from our Thanksgiving visit together


Lee and Bev said...

What a sweet tribute to Susan. What great sisters you are to each other. I love you both so very much!

Tim and Susan said...

Cris, You are too kind and sweet to write such loving things. Thanks for blessing me. I miss you and love you tons!!!