Friday, April 23, 2010

Took all 4 kids on a field trip to the Parthenon...all by myself

I just love when we actually get out and enjoy a field trip. We should do more of these. The kids have a great time, hopefully they learn something, and they get to spend time with their school friends.

This was the first time I took all the kids by myself. And we did pretty well. We have been cocooning and working so hard at the bonding with family, but I couldn't pass this trip up. We have been studying Story of the World (book 1) and we have studied ancient times. Hope the girls could remember some of what we had studied.

Athena inside the Parthenon.

We wear our matching t-shirts when we are out and about. The kids love it.

This was a beautiful day. Wish we didn't have other errands to run on our way home. I bet there is a letterbox at this park, we just didn't have the time to look. We had to head to the children's hospital to pick up some medicine that had to be special ordered. Then it was off to pick up some tables and chairs for the school room. Now that we have 4 kiddos, we need more room to work. It was a busy day, but we still made it home in time for naps.


Tif said...

I'm very impressed! Keep inspiring me, sista!

Crystal said...

How cool is that!! I will admit that for a second I wondered if you were in Greece : ) Glad to here all went well. You are a great MOMMMY!!!!!!!

Annie said...

OK, it's early, but I am not sure I'm understanding.... Is this some public building in your town that looks like the Parthenon? A traveling display? I do not believe you took them to Greece (and got home for naps) so I am befuddled!

Tim and Susan said...

Sounds fun and yes, I am impressed you handed them all by yourself. Your a great mama and trooper...hope each day is getting easier!