Sunday, December 2, 2007

And the Emmy goes to...Chuck Peters

We had a wonderful night at the local Emmy award ceremony last night. Chuck was fortunate enough to win 2 Emmies. The first one was for a show that is on DJTV on the web. That was with a team of guys that were involved in the show.

The second was a personal achievement, for an individual award as writer. A blessing for the night is that everyone who was part of his team won an Emmy. He works with such a talented team and it is nice to have it recognized by the industry.

It was so fun to get dressed up and have a special place to go. By the time it was all over, we were all emotionally exhausted and thrilled at the same time.

We were reminded about how far Chuck has come in his career and how great God has been. He has given Chuck such great abilities and we are all SOOOO proud.


Chuck said...

I think Cris was the prettiest girl in the room!!! Wowza!

Kristie said...

Way to go Chuck! Cris, you look gorgeous darling!!!never would have thought you could get such a great dress at our local Belk, but like my dad always says, it's not the dress that make the lady beautiful, it's the lady in the dress that makes the dress beautiful! I know that is true in this case:)I love our new friendship!!!

Mommy g said...

Congrats, Chuck! We can say we knew you when........