Friday, December 14, 2007


I didn't realise how important traditions were until yesterday. We finally put up our wonderful, pre-lit, 9 foot tree. I wasn't sure if we would have room, but it fit. In the process of putting the ornaments on it, the girls keep talking about how wonderful it all is. They oohed and ahhed over their favorite ornaments. They kept talking about finding the "skater" and that she goes at the top. The skater ornament was one my mom got me when I was little and I am almost sure, but I think she came from a cheap junk store called Insurance Liquidators. My mom had a tradition of putting a little gift in a stocking on our bed room door every day starting Dec. 1st. One of those gifts was this little ice skating ornament. Interesting enough, while Chuck's Mom was here, she too had a little gift for the girls every morning starting Dec. 1st. I just watched the girls open gift #14 this morning.

Traditions are interesting how they change and morph as our lives change. Somehow traditions seem so special at Christmas. I was reminded that it is important to continue making these memories for my children as they grow up. We found the ice skater and she is near the top of the tree. =)


Lee & Bev Hotchkiss said...

Great memories, huh? How privileged we are to have great memories at Christmas. Glad your tree is up. I'm sure the girls loved the whole set up. I remember how you girls did too. Looking forward to seeing you sometime next week. Mom

C&M Peters said...

Neat. Now I can comment. Thanks for the set-up, son. Sounds like you are getting up too early, Cris,
according to the recorded time on these blogs.

Neat to hear that you also got daily gifts for December. Has Tissy baked her cookies yet?

I see the guest house is going to be busy again next week. By the way those red painted drawers were real handy. Loved staying there.