Thursday, December 20, 2007


The year we are using a new science program called NOEO. It uses living books and hands on

This is the girls learning how a windmill can make energy from moving wind.

We have had fun making a parachute and a helicopter and understanding about wind resistance. They love the hands on stuff. I love how it all ties in together. It has been a fun program.


twyska said...

This looks like fun! Which one are you doing now?

crispy said...

Physics 1- Zip, Zap, Zing, Zoom. It has been fun. Are you homeschooling?

twyska said...

Yep! We're enjoying it.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't the top picture look lke you Crs...the picture of the side of Tally's face. I totally thought it was YOU at first. Fun, huh?

G Sheller said...

Hey Cris-this sounds neat! I have been winging it with science and would love to hear more about this and know if you guys are still enjoying it. Future post maybe??