Monday, December 31, 2007


This has quickly become a favorite family hobby. LETTERBOXING. We started early this summer and have really enjoyed it. If you are unfamiliar with it read this short article in Family Fun Magazine.

We love that it takes us to new places. We have enjoyed being out doors and exploring nature. I use and to find the boxes we are looking for. We have even planted some boxes.

This was a micro or mini box made out of a film canister. Most are in small Rubbermaid type of containers. This box was attached to the side of a railing. Most boxes are hidden under branches or leaves.

After you find the box you "trade" stamps and journal a bit about your time.

When we solve the clues and find the box and finish the task...we feel pretty proud. There have been a few times that we failed and didn't find the box.


Christine said...

SOunds like fun. When I have more time, I will read the article.

Happy New Year!

Susan said...

The girls looks so cute and grown up. Thanks for the letter-boxing idea. We'll look forward to "exploring" when we are in the States next year.