Thursday, May 1, 2008

Back door friend

When I was growing up we had a sign that hung outside our side door (the one we used all the time) that said "Back Door Friends Are Best". It was a cute sign and it really was a statement. We did have a front door but we hardly ever used it. Our side door came right into our kitchen and it was where all of our friends came to when they came over. When we had "company", they would come to the front door and we would welcome them through our formal living room.

In the different homes that we have had, I always wanted to have another sign like that one and have that familiar back door friendship with others. Most homes now have an attached garage and when families come home they enter through the garage. We had that in our last house. Though it was convenient when it rained to drive right in and stay dry, it really wasn't the most welcoming entry into our home. We would pass through our laundry room and it always seemed like it was a reminder of the chores that I hadn't finished.

This morning I was enjoying our front porch (see all my pics?). I sat on one of the chairs out there and was just enjoying the view. I was trying to focus on the positives of our current situation. It dawned on me, the longer we are here (even though it will be a hard separation from Chuck), the more I get to enjoy this porch, this view and all that we have here.

Today, being May Day, we visited our neighbors and blessed them with a May basket. It is such a highlight of spring for us to bring a basket to a friend's home and ring the door bell and run away. The girls love this tradition and had fun making the baskets and their favorite part...ringing the door bell and hiding around the corner.
I realized though that we are leaving these baskets on the front porch of these homes and no one really uses the front door. Most of these people go through the garage and will miss the baskets all together. That is, all except for my neighbor who told us to come to her side door when we come to visit her (we left her basket there). I am glad to be someone's back door friend.


Lee & Bev said...

Again - GREAT WRITING! GREAT PICTURES! (Surely someone out there wants to live in this house with such a great porch!) Great thoughts and such sweet memories of past houses and the love that we all shared! Seriously - your pictures, thoughts and ideas could be published! I'm so glad you were able to do May baskets. I was going to call and remind the girls about May day - but you are on top of it all! Much love!

Stacia said...

What neat photos of your home. You'll have to teach me how to get some pics on my blog b/c all of yours are awesome. Tell me more about he May baskets, please. Also, what's tagged? I did answer the questions on my blog- check it out. It's funny that you wrote that about the back door b/c growin up we never used the front door for anyone, but now we do b/c of our garage. I wish you were here... I'd be your back door friend. -Stacia

Shaleen said...

You have the gift of hospitality. It is evident even before you enter your home. Your porch is beautiful! Still praying for the "big sell".
Also, we celebrated May Day too. We cut off the tops of water bottles, made ribbon hangers and filled them with flowers from our yard. We went to school early and hung them on the girls classroom doors. They too love the "sneaky" part.

Shane, Greta, Seth and Gage Owens said...

What a neat tradition- I might need to start that next year! :)
And you have such a positive outlook- focusing in your current situation!
Love you!

Rachel said...

You are such a good mom Cris! (and a great blog friend)

Anonymous said...

I could see why it would be hard to leave. What a GREAT house you have there!!!

Crystal said...

We too have a formal front door and a side/back door. Your welcome to come to my back door anytime : ) I'll have the coffee ready!!

Permission to Mother said...

Your photos of the yard and garden are beautiful!