Friday, May 30, 2008

Genuine Fellowship

Something recently made me think about fellowship. I just looked it up on and was somewhat pleased by the definition.

1. the condition or relation of being a fellow: the fellowship of humankind.
2. friendly relationship; companionship: the fellowship of father and son.
3. community of interest, feeling, etc.
4. communion, as between members of the same church.
5. friendliness.
6. an association of persons having similar tastes, interests, etc.
7. a company, guild, or corporation

The girls and I had some friends over to swim this afternoon and I was so blessed by the fellowship that we had with them. The kids had a nice time and I was able to sit and talk and share with my friend. Just the simple task of being together brought such joy to my week. I need to make the effort to carve out more time for this type of friendship.

We are all busy and our lives are crowded with lots of things to do. Important things. Valid things. But there is something beneficial to spending time with someone who uplifts you. The type of friend that builds you up rather than suck the life out of you. Someone who spurs you on to be better. Encourages you when you are down. Someone asks about your world.

It is a shame those types of friendships are few are far between. Though tonight I am thankful for all of those friends in my life. I dearly miss the ones I have moved away from. But I am grateful that when you come by the "Peapod", it's almost like we could sit and have a cup of coffee together. Sharing. Connecting. Encouraging. FELLOWSHIPING.


Marilyn said...

Our friends Barb & Joe (you met them) stopped in tonight. We had no idea they were coming. I just love that kind of friends. They shared important info. She was adopted at 6 mos and just located her natural father and have met not only him, but brothers also.
They were so excited that they had to share it with their best friends. They are new friends we met after we moved here. Isn't it great how you can make new ones and still keep the old ones!

oneblessedmamma said...

I'm happy to come over when every you want, LOL (and obviously not inhibited at the idea of inviting myself). Seriously though, we do need to get together!

Annie said...

I have been thinking about your "why I blog" topic and realized that it is just for this sort of fellowship that you mention. What I have to do, though, is be careful not to give up chances for real-life time with friends because I am at the computer too much!

Rachel said...

Ditto annie! I have fallen crazy in love with so many of my cyber-sisters in Christ!

Great post Cris! Hope you're enjoying the weekend. Any movement on the house? Prayers...

crispy said...

No offer on the house...still praying every day that God would bless in that way. Trusting totally on Him.

Thanks for all your prayers.

Stacia said...

I love being blogging buddies with you too... almost as good as a cup of coffee together, but not quite- I can't hear your laugh online. You are such a great friend, even after all these years and miles. Still praying for you all as you wait on the Lord.

K-Sue said...

Great encouragement - I need to be spurred on to, as you say, carve out time, overcoming my native inertia. A dear friend once described herself as an "introvert who acts like an extrovert in public." Great description! I am just that way. If I ever pry myself up to get out and be outgoing, I have a great time, but, Tissy-like(bless her sweet little heart), I can dread it and avoid a get-together, though not with the terrible physical symptoms.

Thanks to your push, Crispy, I just wrote on my calendar the date a good friend comes back from vacation to her empty house (the rest of her family are staying gone longer), and I am committing to follow through on getting together with her, as we promised each other at church yesterday. And sometime after 8:00 TODAY I plan to call back on a message for a playdate for Daughter and Mama.

Oh, my, this is 'way too long of a "comment."

Lee & Bev said...

The fellowship we've had the last two days - with Chuck - has been great! Such a quick thinker, funny quips, stimulating conversation, asking hard questions! Can't wait until we can ALL be together again. Praise God for your encouragement yesterday and for the ministry of the Body of Christ to and through you!

Anonymous said...


bfarmmom said...

Hi Crispy! I was so glad to see you on my blog this am. I have been lurking on yours for a little while (blush) and have never commented. Looking forward to meeting you sometime.

Susan said...

I agree. Friends who really uplift you are few and far between, you know the kindred spirit typs. Sigh. I was able to visit with 2 such friends (that I see less than once a year usually) this week. What a blessing and encouragement from God.