Monday, June 2, 2008


I have some new pictures that I am eager to share and new things to post on...but, alas, my camera is not working with me. So, I must dig into the past for some old pictures and post on some other things for now.

All that to say, I have been meaning to post about VERMICULTURE. What is that you say? Well according to it is the raising and production of earthworms and their by-products. The girls and I had the opportunity to widen our world and tour a worm farm this year. In fact, we toured it twice (couldn't get enough the first time) with some homeschool groups. It was fascinating to say the least.

I have often teasingly called myself a tree-hugger, believing to be quiet GREEN in all I do. (Though not as green as I thought I would have tested out to be ~ see HERE). Through different information I have learned there is always more I can do to keep it GREEN. Worms would be one way to do this.

On the tour we learned all about a certain type of worm that actually eats your garbage (well, your organic trash ~anything that grows). We learned all about having your own worm "condo" and how these worms eat as much as their own body weight in food everyday. Not to mention how their worm castings and tea (waste) is great for your garden. The woman who gave the tour is so passionate about these worms and all they do to cut down on the amount of trash that we actually throw away. It was challenging to me to work on reducing the amount of junk going into the land fills.

I didn't purchase the worm condo, but I know a few who have. I also know that this is a growing trend to do what we can do to keep it GREEN. If you are interested in reading more about the worm process...check out their site ~see here. Don't worry...I am not trying to sell you on the worm products or anything. No pyramid scheme here. Denise had asked me to post on this, so this one is for you my friend. =)


Permission to Mother should be studying said...

Denise says THANK YOU!

I noticed a worm hotel at the last farmer's market I went to. I have so many open projects and YOU ARE TEMPTING ME!

Please don't move before I make it to your area again. Your place sounds like an exciting day trip!

crispy said...

Denise, you are welcome to come anytime. We would love to have you. Just shoot me an email. =)

Hope this post inspired you.

Lee & Bev said...

Glow little glow worm, glimmer, glimmer! How great that such "girly" girls enjoy the worm condos! How great of you to expose them to this!
I guess we'll see the "haircut" pictures when we return!

Randi Sue said...

I like worm farms, too.

Annie said...

Denise, I think we should be friends - another shared blog....though I recycle, and put the "yard waste" in a pile in the back yard, I think worm culture is a bit beyond me....though I'll keep it in mind in case one of the boys might take an interest. You never know. Just NOT INSIDE!

Ginny said...

Cris, you are just too cool! I love hearing about stuff like this. I need a worm condo now!

Shaleen said...

Cris, I must have forgotten to get in line the day they handed out extra hours in a day. I know that you are super organized.
But, Oh My, girl.
Anyway, like Denise, I also have many open projects. Unlike Denise, I am not tempted. That would be on about page 4 of my "ToDo" list.
God Bless you both for your enthusiasm.

oneblessedmamma said...

We have worms. They are in a hanging bag contraption...the older version of the "can o' worms" that they sell now. I LOVE having them. They are totally easy, and they eat my dryer lint, shredded mail, and apple cores, all of which we seem to have in abundance :-).

Danette said...

This makes me want to jump into compositng, but my dear hubby thinks we will be overrun with vermin...more commonly knonw as rats.

I told him I know plenty of women who are composting and nare a rat. So come on ladies tell me the truth, are you beating away Mickey and his friends?

crispy said...

Danette, I have NEVER had one rat. Not ONE. If you compost right it shouldn't be a problem. I don't even have problems with ants. As long as you keep it moist and warm, that is all you need. The other key is turning your pile. If I have fruit on top, ants will come. But all I do is wet it and turn it (I use a shovel) and then there are no problems with ants. The key is to have a ratio of brown and green.

Hope that helps. It isn't hard and in fact it is pretty easy.

Permission to Mother should be studying said...

Danette, I've update the comments after my compost post about flies. I have not seen rats. Meat, oil, bones will attract rats. Don't put those in. I am sure Cris, Lauren, and Turtylwomyn can share more with you.

K-Sue said...

Composting does not have to be timeconsuming, and you don't have to have a bin. Where we lived previously we had a shady corner growing wild with Boston ferns, and back behind the ferns, we had a spot where we piled yard and kitchen waste. We tossed dirt on occasionally, turned it occasionally, and had as much black loamy stuff with earthworms as we wanted. If you are diligent, it makes loam faster, but if you are half-hearted about it, it still makes loam. If we ignored it for a month, the ferns would overgrow it, and it made a nice little yard feature :)

Susan said...

Sorry...I draw the line at snakes...even little ones. Ha ha. Good for you Cris....your great, great, great grandchildren will breath better because of you. (smile)

Permission to Mother should be studying said...

I've noticed worms eating the fruit in my compost. I'm pretty sure they aren't maggots. I didn't put them there. Are these the worms that are supposed to be in there?

crispy said...

I would be surprised if they were maggots. Those would be there if you had meat in the compost (which I know that you don't do).

If your ratio is too heavy with kitchen things, you might need more yard clippings. If the ratio is off, it might bring the bugs. If they are worms, that doesn't hurt anything. The bugs in general are just there to help break down the stuff.

Does that help???

Permission to Mother should be studying said...

I've been research this. Google "compost maggots" for more info.
They are "good" maggots. They are actually suppose to be there to break down organic matter. Honestly they do look like they are part of the cycle of compost life. The adult flies only live 2 days. I have not noticed an abundance of adult flies.

The white paper and garden scraps are suppose to help. Its been rainy and moist promoting a helathy maggot population. I do think I have a good compost going.