Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Just in case you are surprised that I am still part of blogging world, I opted not to send my computer with Chuck, in hopes that I will be up there to see him in a few weeks (my incredibly sweet in-laws have offered to come and take care of our house, garden and rabbit for a few days) and I can get it worked on then...OK, I have a few different tidbits of info that are floating around in my head and I am not sure any one of them is worth an actual post on its own, so in the spirit of leftovers, I am tossing them all in this post.
Let's start with our open house. We had one on Sunday and after working for the weekend to get ready, we headed out the door, totally prepared that no one would show up. Well, can I just say, God is good??!! We pulled in the drive at 4:05 and our realtor said another family was still on their way. We had 4 groups of people through on Sunday and 2 of them were interested and really liked it. Whew. All that work was worth it. =) Can't wait to see what happens and for now I am just thrilled and encouraged.
The girls are part of another VBS this week. Yep, I am officially that Mom that brought her kids to more than one VBS program in one summer. They are having a great time and I am, again, so thankful for this program that churches offer.

I am now the designated pool water tester, chemical adder, and over all monitor of all things swimming pool related. Today I learned how to shock the pool. Our pool has been really easy to manage (being a salt pool helps), but after all the rain water that has fallen, it needed some major help today. I do enjoy learning new things and now I can add this to my repertoire.
My girls are having a sleepover in Tissy's room tonight. You would have thought Tally was going away on a long trip. She packed a bag and was so excited to walk across the hall and sleep on the floor in Tissy's room. Why am I not this thrilled to sleep on someones floor? I guess I am too old for this type of simple fun to lift my spirits. I guess my girls really are best friends, they don't even need a friend to come over to have slumber party. =)
I was able to have coffee with a friend today and we had such a nice time talking and sharing about our worlds to each other. I have been motivated to expand my homeschooling experience to include lapbooks and I got her interested in the Precepts study that I downloaded for free and am currently studying. I am so grateful for the friends that I have (both near and far).
OK, hope you enjoyed the leftovers that I just dished out. (BTW, Shaleen, I often think about your story about leftovers: the ones that were destined for the trash if they weren't eaten for that meal. The whole idea is that you are eating something that is just about to go into the trash, um, yuck!!)


Permission to Mother should be studying said...

I love the sleep over! Hey, you are almost to 10,000 on sitemeter. :)

Rachael said...

My kids think getting to sleep on each other's floor is a big deal too! It is, actually, because we rarely allow it, since it means less sleep all around! :)

Rachael said...

Oh, and forgot to say: good luck on the house thing. How great would that be if one of those families was the right one!

Shaleen said...

Ok, I have to comment on this one. The leftovers were not mine. Someone I know pulled out a weeks worth of leftovers. Then said to her exchange student "If you don't eat this, I'm just going to throw it all away." Mmmmm, I'll bet that story went over well with the girls parents back home.
Thanks for the "tidbits", Cris.

The Queen said...

Fun newsy update!
We are big lapbookers. Have done it for years and have a big tote full that we just LOVE looking at.
Two resources I recommend:
www.homeschoolshare.com has some great free units all complete with mini books to complete lapbooks. Your girls could choose one and do on their own pretty much. Mine did this spring and were really happy with it.
The yahoo group notebooking2learn also has fabulous FREE resources...we are doing Apologia science this fall and they have a great one for that, plus many others. Good place to get your feet wet!
Prayers for your house to sell!! I'm so glad there was so much interest!

Rachel said...

Oh Cris...I hope you hear something quickly about the house! That is so encouraging! Enjoy your time with Chuck...will this be your first time visiting the town since he moved? r

Randi Sue said...

The slumber party is cute. Simple pleasures.

crispy said...

I am so glad that you cleared up that story Shaleen. I hope no one thought I was talking about you giving your company trash to eat. =) It still makes me laugh.

Ginny said...

I am so excited about your open house! I hope you get an offer soon! And btw-I will soon have two little girls that hopefully will be best friends as well :)

Lee & Bev said...

Hey, pool girl! Glad you have another VBS. Great to hear that G&M are coming to watch the girls while you get to go see Chuck. When are you going? What a wonderful provision! Wow 10,000 hits. You are the blog queen. I received a note from someone today that says they miss our updates. Sort of a bummer w/o the camera, huh? Gotta get that repaired - along with so many other projects. Love you!

Annie said...

We do "sleepovers" too. Way too many of late, as the house is topsy-turvy. But, everyone has fun...so long as I am NOT the one on the floor!

5Gustos said...

Praying for there to be real results from your open house! Who wouldn't like your house, I mean really? It's lovely! (all that work you guys did in just a few months!!). As for the pool, ours has been a bear to maintain lately with so much rain. That's just part of the fun living in Florida. It keeps us on our toes, as does trying to figure out how to keep the tomatoes from splitting open from too much rain.