Saturday, June 21, 2008

Hodge Podge

I didn't realize that I hadn't left a new post since Tuesday. Sorry to leave you all so stranded (since I know that you all are on pins and needles waiting for my life's measly updates). I did, in fact, enjoy my few free mornings while the girls were at VBS. They had a GREAT time. It was such a blessing to be part of this program. I wonder if that little church down the road knows what a blessing their program is to the local children (and mothers).

One of the highlights for my kids was a magician (children's performer) that was part of the program. We actually saw this guy perform about 2 weeks ago for the first time and we all enjoyed the show. I didn't realize how much my kids liked him. That was until the girls spent that last few days preparing their own magic shows and performing for Chuck and I (he's home for the weekend). They had his jokes and bits down. It was cute the first time, but somehow I am not sure I can laugh, clap and cheer every time they bring out the puppets and other props.

We also saw another children's performer. This guys show was to play music and dance and jump around the stage and bounce balls. I knew pretty quickly that it would be a LONG hour when his opening bit was to take off his shoe and throw it at a big inflated balloon/ball/pillow thing, to which he screamed and ran away. The kids loved it but I was quickly regretting bringing something to occupy my time. I am thankful that the local library organizes these types of shows. I know that the girls will enjoy them this summer (I will just bring something to keep me busy just in case).

Thanks to my friend for the picture of our kids enjoying the kids show this week. My girls have a blast with their friends.

OK, so moving on, Chuck has been home for the weekend and we have been busy taking care of the needful. Lots of yard work and we even had to get the chain saw out to take care of some downed trees from the wind we had this week. I also sprinkled some grass seed on some bare spots in the yard and covered them with my wonderful compost dirt (thanks Lisa for the suggestion). I just need to say again, that is the best dirt!!!

I need to forewarn you that I may be without a computer for a few weeks. UHG!!! Talk about unplugged. I hope and pray that when I am back I have great and wonderful news about a contract on our home. I am hoping for great things and staying positive.


Ginny said...

A couple of weeks with no computer! Noooooo!
I was just slurping down the milk from my bowl of cereal and thinking about how grossed out you would be :) My husband had to ask why I was giggling.
I am still praying for that contract.

twyska said...

My kids put on little skits for us too and they love to do the same thing over and over. They think it's supposed to get funnier everytime.

The girl's haircuts are cute!

Lee & Bev said...

Girls, I love your hair cuts! First time I have seen them. Trust you have a great new week and that God brings you a buyer for that beautiful house. Bless you, Cris for being so positive and trusting God for this sale! Love you lots

5Gustos said...

Sorry about your computer woes. I have too-recent memories of my computer troubles, and "I feel your pain!"

Glad your grass seed is working. : )

As for ginny's reference to slurping milk out of the cereal bowl--I make my kids finish off their (rice/soy) milk so that it's not wasted. I'm hoping they will, one day soon, only take what they want to eat. But...there is no slurping allowed! I also think of you when we do this!

Annie said...

Without a computer for two weeks!!!! OH, NO! I will miss you.

Shaleen said...

Without a computer for two weeks? Well, my life has just stopped! Just picture me sitting at the computer, staring at a blank screen, waiting with anticipation. It will be like in the "olden days".
But, I do look forward to hearing about the awesome offer that God is bringing to you.

Tim and Susan said...

I am so glad the girls liked the VBS programs and that gave you a little break, especially as a single parent. The girls hair looks cute...did they get it cut? For summer? love you!!