Monday, June 9, 2008


I have been busily caring for our home while Chuck is gone. Lots of watering the grass seed and the garden (you see we really need the rain). Often the first thing I do in the morning is put on my yard boots and head out to take care of the watering before it gets too hot. We have had a very unusual dry (not as in not humid...just no rain) season. I normally would just let the grass go and not give a care about it, but, with the house for sale, it really needs to look good. I am out there in my PJ's and boots (be thankful I can't load pictures right now). I often stop what I am doing and pray with Chuck when he calls. We are still praying early in the morning together seeking God for His mercies on our family and home.

By the time we are done I get back to working in the yard and now it is later and even more steamy. By the time I am done, I am full on funk. Sticky, sweaty, often dirty ready for a refreshing shower. It is amazing how gross I feel. Just the humid weather and the sweat mixed together is NOT a good feel. I have recently found a new soap (which I love) and we also changed our shower head to one of those large rain heads. It is the best feeling to step in and wash all that icky funk right off of me. I am loving that cool refreshing feeling.

And then as I am enjoying that refreshing feeling, I am thinking of all those who don't have this type of luxury. I am not talking fancy shower head and new soap, I am just talking about clean water. I have had the blessing to go on a few missions trips (years ago) to visit third world countries and have seen first hand what the conditions are really like. Washing clothes and getting drinking water from the same source that is used for waste. We really don't understand what a blessing our life is. Clean water is a luxury.

I feel so transformed when I am clean. That refreshing feeling is almost magical. I love it. Recently when we were doing our end of the year testing I made sure the girls felt clean and "well groomed" on those testing days. I just know how much it makes a difference when you are fresh and clean. I only wish everyone had the chance to feel that refreshing feeling.


Rachel said...

We are blessed beyond measure!


Chuck said...

I love being clean! I can't imagine how they do it on Survivor. Imagine going a month without showering or brushing your teeth! -- The fact that clean water is so accessible to us that we take it for granted is definitely not the norm in a lot of the world. Praise God for his Grace on us.


Christine said...

I hopeyou sell your home soon. I'm sure that would be a blessing.

Susan said...

Nothing feels as great as a clean shower. And we enjoy them up to 2xs a day when it is hot...aren't we spoiled, no I mean blessed.

Tiffany said...

Great post, you've helped me start my day with a thankful heart.

Ginny said...

I know I take my clean water for granted.
In the summer I take at least two showers a day b/c of that sticky gardening related funk you speak of.
I need to work on being more grateful for that luxury.

Annie said...

You are a beautiful writer! You are able to engender a whole train of thoughts in your readers.... I can imagine your yard, your stickiness, your shower (and even imagine your lovely soap and the joy of your shower head!)

Actually, as I was writing that I just realized that I never get to experience that feeling, either. I have a skin problem that means I can only take brief, cold baths. I expect THAT is why I was so entranced by your description of a shower, now I think of it!

But I am blessed with abundant clean water, and a clean, safe place to wash. It IS an enormous blessing! Indeed.