Sunday, May 25, 2008

Quirky Me

My blogging friend Trish tagged me to list 6 quirky things about myself. I have taken a few days to think about how quirky I really am. Let's see if I can come up with 6 good ones.

1. I am a bit accident prone when it comes to my toes. I have broken them too many times to count. I have banged them on chairs, doors and walls. In fact, I broke one (baby one on my right foot) on Friday. Chuck says I would be better off if my feet were always in shoes but I do love to run around barefoot.

2. I am totally grossed out by someone drinking the milk out of the cereal bowl. I can't stand it. And those bowls that they sell with the straw attached are icky to the max. I dump my milk down the drain where it belongs.

3. I have to have make sure the car is locked. I have had Chuck leave the airport, ride the tram back to the long term parking to check on it. I always second guess that it is locked. I need to hear the chirp when we are walking away (can we say control freak?)

4. I am a creature of habit. I tend to eat about 3 different things for lunch. Every day I either have a smoothie, a salad or meat and cheese wrapped up. Not much variety there. I always grocery shop on Tuesdays. I make pizza every Friday night. I park in the same area of the parking lot at the store...I like consistency.

5. I hate fire ants. I have always reacted terribly to them. I swell up so bad that my skin turns black and blue from bruising. If I get bit really bad I end up at a walk-in clinic. You won't see me running around the grass barefoot.

6. It really bugs me when my debit card number or my credit card number is printed on the receipt. I will either say something to the manager, not go back to that store or restaurant, or pay in cash only next time.

Like I said. I definitely have some quirky traits going on. I am a little odd on some things.

SO in the spirit of not leaving anyone are all tagged. Share the quirky bits about yourself.


Tiffany said...

Wow! You really are quirky. :0)
I love hearing quirky traits about people, it's always so interesting. I have to say that I NEVER look at my receipt to see if the credit card number is on it. I NEVER check the locks on the car and much to my husband's chagrin--seldom bother to lock it at all, and have almost NO consistency in my life although I desire it sometimes. Thanks for sharing!

Lee & Bev said...

Let's see, how vulnerable can I be?
1) I struggle with disorganization - even in the midst of a move I am "organizing the chaos."
2) I can't crawl into bed w/o cleaning the "fuz" between my toes
3)I really like mayo but don't care at all for miracle whip.
4)I too have several notches in my belt for broken toes - sorry Cris, you come by it naturally!
5)If the tp is folded into a V at the motel - I refold it after using it!
6)The thought of coming home to a messy house after a trip is dreadful! Things have to be clean! We also unpack our suitcases and put everything away within the first hour of being home.

I'm sure you are glad your hubby is home this weekend!

Christy said...

things that are quirky about me?
1. can't get into the bed, unless it's made first and there are no wrinkles in the sheets
2. can't stand when cabinet doors are left open
3. can't stand clutter on the countertops- have to have a clean slate
4. I also struggle with disorganization- everything has a place
5. I have to clean the house before leaving on a trip- no one wants to come home to a dirty house.
6. can't drive with anything on the dashboard- Mark keeps everything on his and it drives me nuts!
There you go- Me in a Nutshell!

Christine said...

Hey, I make my kids drink their milk. If not, they're wasting it.

Marilyn said...

Guess mine would be:
1)Old lady hairs on my face or chin someplace. Can't stand seeing them on others.
2) My house has to be left perfect when I go on a trip, I even tell my brother to remember where I have left the Will.
3) Travel with my clothes that need pressing unpressed until I arrive at my destination. Who wants to do it twice?
4) Dislike clearing out the refrigerator. Chuck does that for us. I don't mind cleaning it though.
5) I don't like anything on the dash board.
6) Don't care for daytime TV. Rarely turn it on.
7) I have too many clothes. Some I have had for years are in the attic. Yesterday I wore a dress that I bought 7 years ago and got many compliments.

I'm sure that I could come up with over a dozen of them, but this will have to do.

Susan said...

Only 6, huh? Hard to choose...
1. I always have to go to the bathroom about 10 minutes after I hop it bed.
2. I am always multi-tasking which means several things are forgotten or not done well.
3. I HATE to clean my kitchen garbage can (yea! Brenton just did it for me...thanks!).
4. I almost never drink a cup of tea without heating it up part way through...don't like luke-warm tea.
5. I can fall asleep without a pillow or blanket over my ears.
6. I might not have time or energy to make dinner, but always have time and energy to make cookies (smile).

Susan said...

You are funny. Fire ants are scary, I agree. What is a meat and cheese wrap? In a tortilla? Yum. Sorry about your toe...ouch! We never lock our house in Japan (shhh!) But ALWAYS in the US. It is really safe here and the kids need to be reminded (and me too) to make more of an effort to be careful and safe when we are back "home".

Shaleen said...

1) I too, seriously struggle with disorganization. After our last trip to the Peters, I came home and bought cute little white crates to help keep my pantry organized just like Cris. Somehow, it just doesn't look the same as hers.
2) I must have ALL of the laundry done before packing for a trip.
3) Also before traveling, all beds must be made and toilets cleaned. My reasoning: If we are all somehow killed, I don't want whoever comes to clean out our house to know what a poor housekeeper I truely am/was.
4) I usually sleep on my right side. Therefore, my left ear must be covered by my blanket.
5) Since high school, I have put on chapstick every night before bed. In 35ish yrs I have missed maybe 2 or 3 nights and that was because I was away from home & forgot to pack it.
6) I must have alone time before bed. Even if we are out late, I must unwind before I can sleep.

Ginny said...

It's funny how much you can tell about a person from one of these little blog lists. You crack me up. I thought of you the other day when we were on our way home and saw this skinny little beagle on the side of the road for the second time in the past few days. I wasn't prepared with anything good to give it, and it ran from me. I thought to myself that if I were Cris, I would have had a can of dog food on hand and a leash for those stray dog emergencies that can arise from time to time.

Tonya said...

Hey there, Girlfriend!

I just read your post above, but I KNEW this was the one I wanted to comment on. LOL! I must confess, I have some of those same habits. (Being frantic over the vehicle being locked, being clumsy, and for whatever reason I'm an ant MAGNET!) I JUST had my foot COVERED by the devilish little pests yesterday Yes, I was gardening and must've tilled up a bed. My foot was ON FIRE! I DID learn last year (the hard way) NOT to stick my foot in the pool until AFTER they're all removed. Those little devils will PINCH HARDER AND HARDER if you submerge them. (Now THAT was a lesson WELL learned and NOT forgotten) O=-)

I've missed hanging with you all and HOPE to get to "play" more this week. I'm REALLY hoping to get some pictures posted of the garden and the yard work that we've got behind us. Nothing spectacular, it's just that I've NEVER, EVER even tried to do anything outside. I've really enjoyed it. =-)

Alrighty.. I'll go for now. Take care!