Saturday, October 25, 2008

If I could tell by the first snip that it was a mistake, then why did I keep cutting?

I was trying to get myself ready to head out tonight with the girls to go to a fall party. For some reason, one thing after another the whole thing turned out to be a bit of a fiasco. Every few minutes the girls kept coming in the bathroom and asking if it was time to go. That didn't help with how the prep time was going. Let me run through a few frustrating moments that led to "the mistake".

I had taken a shower earlier in the day and had just gotten around to drying my hair (something that I often leave for later). To be quite honest about my hair, I have pretty much hated it since we moved here (a.k.a. the tropics). I have hunted for any product that would make it smooth instead of fuzzy but even with much product and the use of the flat iron, most times I end up putting it up anyway. But for some reason tonight, the humidity was in full swing around here and it just wasn't workin'.

I had opened the windows earlier in the week and we have actually enjoyed a slight cool down, and for some reason, the bathroom is the hottest room in the whole house. I probably should have closed the windows and turned the air back on, but the frugal gal that I am, was embracing the all natural cooling instead. The whole time I was getting ready, I felt like everything I did was a total flop.

Outfit - flop. (Well to be completely honest I was wearing my only jeans {I am a bit of a minimalist} that I had pulled from the dirty laundry basket and they were slightly moist from the Fabreeze spray that I thought might just make them seem fresh and clean).

Makeup - flop. I was so hot, I had a hard time putting on makeup because my face was so sweaty. I have never sweated as much as I do here. It is really hard to get ready when everything seems to melt off of your face.

Hair - total flop. After trying all my tricks, I realized that my bangs were just driving me crazy. I have always had very clumpy bangs. Not all spread out and wispy. Nope. Mine are clumpy. And with the humidity, they tend to have an odd cowlick (you know...that is a really gross name for it). So I dug around and found my thinning shears. I know you are all thinking right now...don't cut your hair when you are already frustrated. I know better. But I did it anyway. And from the first snip, I knew it wasn't right. But I kept cutting to try and fix it. And's just say my bangs scary short and oddly choppy.

I will have to wait as they grow out from my mistake. They look terrible. And there will be no picture. Ugh! Note to time...put down the scissors and step away from the mirror.


Tonya said...

You are too funny! Who's hair did you cut??? Are you going to post pictures?? (I can't say anything, I do the same)

Now, about homeschooling.. WOW! Your girls are DEFINITELY absorbing what you're teaching. I LOVE it when GOD lets us see a little fruit from our labor! =-)

As for the broken crayons.. that sounds like SO MUCH FUN! We'll have to try it!

K-Sue said...

I was just waiting for the picture.

Just to reiterate, ya' got nuthin' to complain about hair-wise. Your hair is beautiful (or maybe, was beautiful?) I won't tell our shared hairlady ;)

Karen said...

I have been following your blog for awhile ( I am coming out) :) I think your family is so sweet. I love the things you write about.

I laughed when I read this post about hair.. I did the same thing a few months ago... I just kept cutting and then my hair started to dry and YIKES.. lets just say.. I had to wear a clip to pull them back and hide them under the rest of my hair for a few weeks till they started to grow... I was too embarrassed to go to my hairdresser (not sure there was anything she could have done) I went from no bangs to crazy bangs.

All is well now.. lesson learned! They will be fine in no time...

Praying your house sells!!

crispy said...

Karen, it is nice to meet you (virtually that is). I often wonder who else is lurking. I know many are, but they just don't comment. Apparently I needed to share a vulnerable post like this one to comment. Glad my mishap was put to good use. =)

Thanks for the prayers and sweet comment. Hope to hear from you more.

cindy said...

I can't even count how how many times I've done that to my bangs...especially when I wore my hair long and straight, I would figure I could cut them and save some money. But alas, I never did learn and kept doing it! Hopefully you've learned but if you're like me, probably not!! LOL I laughed when I read about how you took your only pair of jeans from the dirty laundry. I also only own one pair of jeans and had to do the same thing yesterday morning!

Lee and Bev said...

So sorry, Cris!! I can imagine how frustrating it is! Maybe it was a divine way of getting you ready to move on to a less humid climate! Maybe a new pair of jeans for Christmas?? Hope the open house goes well today and that God brings a buyer! Love you so much!

Tonya said...

Hey there..

First, you are too cute! (Literally) I can't imagine that ANY cut would look bad on you. (Your face is shaped so pretty) However, I KNOW what it's like to "be a girl" and worry about things that most of the time aren't really as bad as they seem.

Have you thought about seeing someone to get your hair layered? (It might make what you did a little less noticeable) I've been PLENTY of times to get help from my mistakes! O:-)

At any rate.. whatever you decide will look great! (If you're just gonna wait it out, just take some prenatal vitamins to make it grow faster) =-)

Susan said...

You are hilarious...listen, we have ALL been front of the mirror with terrible hair and a pair of sissors in our hands...been there, done that! You ca always clip them back if they are that bad. Sorry about the sweat and humidity. In Tokyo I remember trying to blow dry by frizzier-by-the-minute hair in the heat and humidity and sweating like a pig!! (I always say that, but who has seen a pig sweat?)

Rachael said...

Oh, no! I thought you were going to say you messed up one of the girls' hair, but you messed up your own?! Oh, poor you.

Major Mom said...

Oh no! I have done stuff like that before, you just get into it and the next thing you know...woops!

DebiH. said...

I've been guilty of this too! Hannah got a comb stuck in her hair a few days ago and decided it was a good idea to just cut it out. She made a quite a mess of it. Maybe she will learn her lesson young :) Put down the scissors and move away from the mirror :)

Wife to the Rockstar said...

I am cracking up. I am sorry. I guess because I live down here too, I know EXACTLY what you are talking about. I have very similar hair too.

I am so sorry. But this did make me laugh!

Annie said...

Oh my gosh....sounds miserable. I HATE those days....and I had one last week, too. I was supposed to go to a very fancy fundraiser for our school....and I know from last year that a lot of very well-to-do people would be there looking really nice.... Well, my everything flopped, too! So, instead of turn into the place my date (my daughter Lydia) and I went to Panera's instead. Good choice!