Saturday, October 18, 2008

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

It has been such a blessing of a week. Having Chuck home for a whole week has been such a treat. We just love having him home. He has always worked long hours and often traveled for his job. So to have him home for a whole week is so unusual. Maybe even a first.

As he prepares to drive back to work (about an 11 hour drive) the girls are getting teary and sad. Well, we all are. But I want to put a positive spin on it. And give tribute to this wonderful Daddy that he is.
Notice Chuck is on the invitation pillow (HERE).

Chuck is, as I type, telling the girls ridiculous stories. He comes up with these off the top of his head. He takes the time to snuggle up with them one at a time and capture that special moment as they are getting ready to fall asleep. I love listening to him tell these stories. Often Tally is laughing so loud and cracking up. Tissy, on the other hand, will say "that's funny Dada". Tonight is another saga of his made up Stacy J stories (just imagine Junie B. Jones). He is so creative.

We just finished playing Pictionary as a family. Now that the girls are older, they are really good players. They always want to be on Daddy's team (he is a fantastic "drawer"). It is so fun to watch Chuck draw. His details are fantastic.

Chuck is truly a very gifted person. Just about everything he does is amazing. Creative, thoughtful, personal, sensitive. He is such a hard worker and has always worked so hard for our family. Today, Chuck found out that he has been nominated for an Emmy again this year. (Last year he won 2 HERE). I am so proud of him and so grateful that he followed God's leading and desired to use those talents for His kingdom. So as he heads back I know that more than anything, he longs to be home with us. There are many men that wouldn't want to come home, and I am so thankful that this is where he wishes to be.


cindy said...

Beautiful-thanks for sharing!

Lee and Bev said...

Praying for him right now as he is on the road! Hey - another Emmy! What a guy! Trust your hearts are doing OK with him returning to work. How wonderful that he was able to be home for the week. Still praying for the sale of the house! Keep the faith, Cris!

Susan said...

Chuck is a good dad!! Congratulations Chuck on your nomination!! Praying for a safe trip up for you and that you will settle in well to work and single life again.

Christy said...

I know how hard it is to "be on your own". I'm so glad you guys had this week of fun and family time. I know the girls loved having Daddy home.

Marilyn said...

I was so happy when Chuck called on his way there last week to say that he was surprising you.
Now you surprised me by telling me about the Emmy. Wow!!
He has always been so special
and very talented. His creative talents started at a very early age. Bless your hearts as you go through this hard time. Praying!!

K-Sue said...

Congrats on your nomination, Chuck!

I don't think I know anyone else with a real live (n an inorganic way) Emmy.

Anonymous said...

Chuck rocks. I just love him. You are so blessed and so are your girls.