Tuesday, March 3, 2009

a glimpse of the snow

Tally was the most excited about the snow. We were all so tired and groggy from the big moving day, but she couldn't get outside fast enough. And it didn't seem to matter that we had no winter clothes. Our coats were left at the temporary house, so we made it work with layers and lots of socks on their hands. Here she is on the deck, which is outside the kitchen. It is a story up because there is a full walk-out basement. The trees in the background are beautiful. I hear there is a pair of mating red tail hawks that live there (perfect for our bird study).
The girls played in the snow most of the day. They met some neighbor girls that helped them build a sorry looking snowman. But the girls thought it was the best snowman ever. It was so fun to see this "first" experience for them. And it was extra special that it happened the day we moved in. They will never forget this. It doesn't snow much here, only once or twice a year. The perfect amount to have it be special.

When they couldn't stand the cold any longer, they warmed up next to the fire. Here they are warming their toes (we had no boots, just sneakers). And I made sure there was hot cocoa waiting for them when they came inside.

Here we were the day we closed on the house. Thrilled to be HOME.
Here is the goofy version of that picture. I think this shows more of how we really feel to be home. It usually takes awhile for it to feel like home, but we are hoping that it wont take too long.

Now I am off to unpack and sort and put things away. Good thing I enjoy organizing (I get that from my mom).


Marilyn said...

Love the pictures. The den looks all together in the picture of the girls warming their feet. A fireplace and hot chocolate..that's home.
Finally enough snow to build a snowman.
Life is exciting again! All four of you look great...so does that beautiful BIG house.
Got to get Tissy's BD card in the mail so you get it before your trip.

Chuck Peters said...

What an awesome post! I'm glad we are finally home. =)

Elle J said...

What a pretty view from your deck and hooray for snow!! Enjoy your snuggle time in your new house staying warm from the day of outdoor playtime!

Crystal said...

It looks like they had great fun in the snow : ) I love the picture of them by the fire. Nothing beats Hot Cocoa on a cold day. I am so happy for you that you are settling in to your new home!!!! God Bless you guys~

ScienceGeek said...

Awesome post. Thanks for writing, though I'm sure you're antsy to get unpacking and decorating. I love the snow pictures. Did I ever mention we have family in your new state? We may have to come for a visit.

Boy, Tally sure is getting tall. I know you posted that before, but seeing her against you and Chuck really emphasizes it. Funny...

I know...I'm a dork!

Wish you guys could be here for Science Geek Jr. Club on Friday. Remember our old reading circle? I still have that plate that Tally chipped. It reminds me of you guys every time we use it.

Lee and Bev said...

What wonderful pictures of you all and the beautiful place God has provided for you. So, so, so, happy for all of you. How beautiful and how fun is the snow!! We love you and are so anxious to see you and your new place.

K-Sue said...

Love the snow! When we lived in North GA, we'd get the perfect amount of snow - about once a year, all schools and work off, building a snowman in every yard, every sock and shoe in the house wet, then it would melt the next day, leaving you wanting more.

Welcome home.

Susan said...

Yea! So happy for you all, that God has blessed you with such a nice house to make your new home in. Glad you are all together and can "find the new normal" of family life together there. Be patient with the mess...it will be organized and feel homey soon!!

Susan said...

So glad the girls got to enjoy the snow. Next year you'll be more ready with boots and mittens I am sure. But, it probably was more fun and memorable because of the sock hands...yum, hot cocoa in front of the fire too.