Thursday, June 4, 2009

enjoying the play set

We finally got our play set up and the girls have been enjoying it so much. We have had this play set for 5 years. We have had it at 3 houses now. After much hunting, we decided to go for the Rainbow play set and it has been a good investment. I'll be honest, they aren't cheap, but they come with a really good warranty. When we were moving this last time, we took it apart in just a few major parts and loaded onto the truck in big pieces. We had to order a lot of replacement wood to take care of the rotten areas. After the replacement wood arrived (under warranty) we hired the local Rainbow play set place to come and replace all the wood and put it back together.

I had no idea they had to take almost every piece apart and put it back together again. I think it was worth hiring the professional on this one. It looks like a huge puzzle with no picture to follow.

Most of the wood is new. After being in a REALLY humid area, a lot of it was rotten and needed to be replaced. I have been impressed with Rainbow and how they stand behind these products. It has been a joy to work with them.

Can you believe it is 5 years old??? It looks practically brand new. We were able to find a spot in the yard that gets afternoon shade from a hack berry tree. The girls have really enjoyed playing out there and the neighborhood kids have been over to play a few times too.

This is one of my favorites...a new place to read.Sorry for the lack of posts here in the Peapod. We have been busy and today's activities included checking out a dentist, orthodontist and getting 2 teeth pulled for Tissy. Prayers appreciated for my little one.


Elle J said...

Awww, I hope your girl is feeling okay. Mouth issues can be very painful. Your playset does look great!

Marilyn said...

Sorry Tissy had to have her teeth pulled. Wish I were there to hug her and tell her a specil story. Tell them both I love them much.
Hope the new dentist is tender. I love the new reading nook. Looks like "tree house reading".

Liked the pictures!

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if that was the same one you had when I visited your home. WOW! It's really stood the test of time.

Sorry about Tissy's teeth. JD needs to have 2 pulled, but is very reluctant. He's had so many bad experiences with doctors this year (hernia surgery, moles surgically removed, etc.) that we don't want him hating the dentist too! He's going to need braces either way, so Joel and I are still on the fence about whether or not to force the issue. Hope you guys found a good dentist who was able to put Tissy at ease.

Did you get my email about California? Perhaps I have an old email address.

carrie said...

Looks great - I'm sure the girls will have lots of fun outside this summer. Sorry Tissy had to have her teeth pulled - hope she feels better soon!

Salzwedel Family said... appointments like that are not fun.

Looks like a great play set. Our kids are in ours all the time.

Annie said...

What an amazing yard and peaceful.

K-Sue said...

We were just talking about your playset yesterday. I emembered how happy you were with the service from Rainbow. In case we ever...

Anonymous said...

We have a Rainbow too and absolutely love it. One of the selling points was the warranty and them moving it for you if needed. Thankfully, we have not had to move it, but it was just a smart idea.

My Elizabeth is needing to get a tooth pulled and she is very reluctant to do so. She really needed to have it done in March, but I was hoping, as was she, that her tooth would have fallen out by now. I have to call the dentist tomorrow about that.

I hope Tissy feels better soon.

Crystal said...

Praying for you all and especially Tissy! The playset looks wonderful and I am thrilled to hear they are enjoying it : )

Lee and Bev said...

Hope is better today! Pulling teeth is no fun!

Cheryl said...

poor dear... I hope she can take Tylenol or something. My daughter learned to take it before every ortho appointment!

love the pics... that reading spot looks incredible but I would definitely need something for my backside! (it's an age thing)

Sean and Lisa said...

Love the reading nook! Love your backyard too!
Praying for your precious one to be healed in Jesus' name!

A Joyful Chaos said...

Looks like there is going to be a fun filled summer! Sorry Tissy had to visit the dentist. Hope it went really well.

Tim and Susan said...

So glad the girls love the playset. Isn't this the 3rd house you've had it at? It's a park in your own backyard.

Uncle Tim had 6 teeth pulled on one day hang in there. Love to you.
Aunt Susi