Tuesday, June 23, 2009

this and that

Just a few moments to sit and use the computer...it has been a busy week so far. Here is my crazy list of thoughts.

  • The girls had a great time last week at camp and then I forced them to rest most of the weekend to prepare for this week.
  • We have 3 extra kiddos around the house this week. I am taking car of a friends kids while they are in Ethiopia adoption their daughter. So far we are having a good time and it is going really well. I am sure they are really missing their mom and dad by now but they have been able to hold it together. Hope that continues until Friday when we head to the air port to pick them up.
  • I have been treating this week like camp with organized activities and a schedule of events. I think it helps everyone involved not just to have free time all day. Our days have been full of swimming and craft time and other things like that. I even get them to rest each day after lunch.
  • I have enjoyed trying some new things with my produce from the farm. I guess no one else had heard of the tuna on a potato. Did I scare you all off with that? Will I freak you out when I share about ZUCCHINI CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES?
  • Still so thrilled that the scooter was returned. God is so good.
  • I got some neat pictures of the kids at camp. And when I have a few seconds to myself, I will post them. Let's just say...that rock wall was TALL !!!
  • I am a month into a new exercise routine, and it is kicking my hind end into shape. I am working out like a maniac and sweating like a dog. Whew. I hope to see some great results.
  • Next week I take the kids to the ortho to be fitted for retainers and braces. Cha-ching.
  • I measured the girls the other day. They have each grown over an inch in the past 3 months. Can we say...growth spurt. I think when Tally out grows her shoes she can pass them on to Grammy. Then she will be in a women's size 9 (she is still only 10 years old). There are times I notice that she is taller than adult women.
  • We have gone 6 months with no cable TV and to be honest...I don't miss it at all. I am sure 6 months is nothing compared to some of you, but remember, my husband works in the TV industry.
Pictures coming soon...with lots of recipe posts too.


Elle J said...

I need to share our Zucchini Chocolate Cake with you - yum.

Sorry to hear about the retainer and braces. I hope it goes smoothly for both.

WOW! Size 9 shoe at age 10. My girl is age 10 and just entered a size 3 shoe. She did not get my height.

How cool for your friends who are adopting their child this week! Sounds like you have a good plan to keep all happy and occupied.

Tiffany said...

I would love the recipe for zucchini chocolate chip cookies. I have made chocolate zucchini muffins before and they were really good. You'd never guess there was zucchini in them.
Sounds like a fun week. Good idea to make it like summer camp with a schedule and everything. You should post your schedule. I'm curious...

K-Sue said...

Camp Peapod sounds like a blast - Can I come? Rest time after lunch sounds yummy.

Zucchini is kinda like tofu - you can add it to most anything.

Tally has been taller than I am - has Tissy passed by me, too?

Praying for your friend and a successful adoption.

Annie said...

You can put zucchini in just about anything.

Watch out for the orthodontist. (I mean - maybe get a second opinion from someone known as "conservative") I found out that orthodontics can be more like plastic surgery than like dentistry. There is a continuum from dealing with serious medical-dental issues at one end, to creating the perfect smile for a toothpaste ad on the other....with a LOT of unnecessary orthodontia being done. When some inner voice made me question the orthodontist I took Lydia to (I felt like I was at a time-share presentation or something) I talked to a lot of dentists and discovered that a) she should not even have been put in braces at her age since she didn't have all her adult teeth yet, and b) what they were suggesting was completely unnecessary. She never had ANY orthodontics and has a lovely smile and healthy mouth.

I think the "red flag" was the fact that a dentist wanted to put ME in braces all those years ago. My parents wisely said, "no need"...and as an adult every dentist I've gone to has remarked on my absolutely perfect alignment.

Tim and Susan said...

Enjoy those healthy cookies.

Yes, it will be cha-ching at the Orthodontist. Each month for JT we write a check for $200-400. Gasp. At least we only have 1 at a time....2? YIKES. I am sure you found a great orthodontist though. Trusting God to lead and provide just the right "treatment" for your kids!!

Good for you to work out!!! Rah Rah.

Tim and Susan said...

All this talk about zucchini sister, make sure and read my sushi post!

ScienceGeek said...

I'd love a recipe for zucchini chocolate chip cookies (or was it muffins?). We've found a local fruit stand that we stop at almost every day on the way home from the Y, and the wife makes assorted breads from the vegetables. We LOVE the zucchini bread. Sounds like you guys are having lots of fun.