Thursday, June 25, 2009

We call him, HAYSTACK

We have had fun watching this little cottontail rabbit who lives outside our house. They are quiet common here and fun to spot in the yard. This one is little and seems to be a young one. We named him Haystack, he likes to sit there and be still and pretend that we can't see him.He seems to have a favorite hideout under the stairs out back. We often see him tucked under there in the shade trying to stay cool.

Our bunny Clover loves to hide under things. She isn't likely to run away, but she will burrow under just about anything to try and escape. Notice here, she could tell that someone else has been living under the stairs. Haystack, the wild bunny, is just on the other side of the stairs.

It was fun to watch how Clover suddenly turned into a hound dog and couldn't get enough sniffing of that bunny burrow. She was very interested in checking things out. She backed herself into that corner and wouldn't come out.
Since I took these pictures, we have discovered a smaller bunny who the girls think is Haystack's baby brother, we named him Cookie Dough. These little cotton tail bunnies make Clover look like a giant.


Ginny said...

So cool! I wonder if you will find a nest of baby bunnies someday?

Karen said...

Cute...I bet Clover loves to run around the yard! Lane really would like to have a bunny... maybe one day. For now, we will keep reading about them :)

Tim and Susan said...

Love seeing wild rabbits in the yard...too fun. AND love the cookie dough name? I bet I can guess who came up with that one. Tristen? (smile)

Lee and Bev said...

How great that you take such good care of your animals. Cute names!