Thursday, June 18, 2009

Not sure what to write ???

Do I share some recipe ideas that I have come up with from the fresh produce I get each week?

Do I post some cute pictures of what the girls have learned at camp?

Or do I give updates on the missing scooter?

OK....I would want to know about the scooter too. =) We thought we had a lead on the missing scooter yesterday. Chuck has been checking Craig's List from the first day to see if it might show up for sale. We have also had our eye on things for sale by the side of the road. Yesterday there was an add for a scooter for sale with no title so we hunted it down and requested some pictures.

The pictures don't match Chuck's scooter, but we will keep looking. Such a bummer. Not giving up hope yet. We kind of feel like detectives now. =)

I will post the recipes and camp updates later. Somehow, they just aren't as dramatic as hunting for the scooter.


Marilyn said...

Sorry it doesn't look like a match.
Suppose they repainted it already.
My hopes were up as high as yours.
Try to keep smiling though...let Gods love show through nor matter what. Praying!

Elle J said...

Maybe it is the bait and switch thing and they just took any picture to showcase. If they aren't too far away, you might want to swing by and take a look in person. Wishing you luck as you keep hunting.

K-Sue said...

Post everything!

Salzwedel Family said...

All of the above, thank you!

Stacia said...

Marilyn and Elle are having the same thoughts as me.... did they paint it? Is is really NOT Chuck's, especially considering that there's no title. I hope that ya'll find it soon.

Tim and Susan said...

Total Bummer. We've been praying though and we still pray God will drop it back in your lap...well, not literally. (he he)

That's true...never thought about that. Chuck needs to doquise and go check it out!!

Proverb Mom said...

We need the updated story on the scooter now that it is back in your possession!!!