Wednesday, June 16, 2010

fresh from the garden

YUM !!!! So far all we are getting is lettuce in our garden. But that's OK with me. It means fresh salad greens every night. And all the kids like the idea of eating something we have grown ourselves.
I am slowly branching out from the ONE DISH meal (aka casserole). I am able to get a little more time in the kitchen preparing for the family. One of my favorite casseroles is homemade mac and cheese. I hide a little butternut squash in there and always add broccoli if I have it on hand. Working my hardest to serve healthy foods to my family. I even have started making my own salad dressing.


Tim and Susan said...

You'll have to share that yummy salad dressing recipe with us!! Glad the kids will eat the lettuce. I LOVE eating from the garden!!! Such a treat.

K-Sue said...

Looks good! My lettuce was doing well; we ate just a little from it, then one day it just sort of fell over dead.

I'm interested in how you make salad dressing, too.