Thursday, June 3, 2010

more tot fun (AKA how I keep the little ones busy)

Here is Tate enjoying a big box of animals. We LOVE these Schleich animals. I thought they would make a fun tot tray.

This Rush Hour Jr. game is one of our favorites. Even though Tyce can't play the game, he is able to follow the card and set up the cars to match.
Tyce is learning to use scissors. It seems to be struggle for him so we are trying some creative things to cut. Here he is cutting up a string of beads.

More fine motor and letter learning. Putting gem stickers on letters.


K-Sue said...

Yay! Comments are back!

You are so good with this sort of early childhood busy learning type thing. I wish I had done more of this with my daughter and with the little guy we babysat. When you go to the trouble of setting up something like this it is so worth it - the boys are just engrossed.

12-arrows said...

you are amazing! and so very creative! those boys are adorable! I don't know how you keep from snuggling them all day long! keep up the good work Teacher Mom!

Cristy said...

You are absolutely amazing.

Becky said...

I agree you are amazing! I'm going to try some of these things with Bek. Thanks for the popscicle yesterday we had fun stopping by. I'm going to go through some clothes tomorrow and will pass some along to you!

Julie said...

We love Rush hour! What a fun way for a little one to play!!

Eastiopians said...

I love your ideas!!! Thanks for sharing!