Sunday, June 6, 2010

Science Fair

About a month ago, the girls participated in a small science expo with some home school families. We participated in the history fair in the fall and had such a great time that we signed up to take part in this event too.

We planned ahead just a little more this time and were able to make a good display with lots of examples of all that we have learned. We decided to focus on BIRDS and BOTANY. We have studied both of those using the Apologia books and have enjoyed them so much. We are not done with our botany book and are still working on that, but it didn't stop us from showing what we have covered so far.
This is one of my favorite parts of home education. Watching our kids share what they have studied and learned. It was just so special to watch these girls let Tyce "play" at their science table.

I encouraged the girls to stand by their display to talk about their display with the kids and parents who came to visit their table.Here Tissy is explaining what we grew inside of our light huts. We brought LOTS of plants and flowers that the kids planted a few weeks back.

This was one of my favorite displays. This sweet girl made all of this on her own. Totally self directed. She has a passion for ROCKS. I know her mama was proud.

At this table our kids learned all about crayfish. They even brought some live ones. Notice ALL the BOYS hanging out there. What a fun thing to learn about.

This was a great display all about astronomy. I always enjoy looking through all the books this family brings.

This was a good display that was a variety of science. It was good to see you didn't have to only share one part of science. I loved the plants that they dug up and brought. It fit right in with our botany.

This was a great display from a family who uses NOEO for their science. We have also used that curriculum and have been really impressed with it. And it was great to discuss all they learned about germs.
This display was really sweet. This family shared all they learned about dandelions. They had great books and pictures and even some original art. All from a pre-K kid...impressive.

These girls had a terrific hands on experiment at their table. ALL the kids were interested in checking it out. The mama to these girls also organizes our home school group, she does a fantastic job of organizing and working so hard at having a group for our families to be part of.


Tim and Susan said...

Looks fun! Aren't you a trooper carting all your kids and stuff to the Science Fair? I am sure you were pleased with the end result even though you probably needed a nap...bless your heart!!! All 4 kids look too adorable!!!

Randi Sue said...


K-Sue said...

Good job, girls!

We have not committed to this sort of event often enough. We have not yet done Art Fair, Science Fair, or History Fair, but maybe next year...