Tuesday, June 22, 2010

polk-a-dotted yumminess

The girls are working on earning a baking badge with their Keepers of the Home book/group. I have told them they need to actually earn these by completing the tasks. This has motivated them to make cakes, breads, cobbler and pie. These cupcakes turned out great.

I am using these trays that I bought for the kids tot school for more than just schooling. I put a tray out for each of the kids and this helped them with having a contained space to work in.

Tyce loved this project. Anything hands on seems to work well for him. He added LOTS of polk-a-dots...sugary goodness. Just use white chocolate chips turned upside down. So cute.


K-Sue said...

OK, now I'm hungry. Those cupcakes look yummy. Love the tray idea.

Julie said...

YUM! And they look so pretty too!

Toni said...

We're supposed to be getting a Keeper's group near us this fall. I soooo hope we do. Lovely cupcakes btw. Can't recall how I found your blog....one of the CM sites?

Tim and Susan said...

Yum...what a fun idea. I am sure he gets more on his tongue than on the cupcake. Good for the girls to bake.