Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Girls Group

I have had this idea for awhile now to do a little girls group/club/bible study for my girls and their friends. There never is a good time to add more to our schedule, but I felt that God was really tugging on my heart to help my girls have purposeful friendships.

I sent out the following letter to a few other mom's of tween age girls and tada...the group was quickly formed.

Hello ladies,

I am sending this email to you all to le
t you know I am planning on forming a group this summer for our pre-teen girls (ages 8-12 apx). I have had this idea on my heart for sometime and feel the Lord's prompting to do so now.

I believe that a true friend for girls this age is so important. As our girls move from little girls who have enjoyed tea parties to tweenagers who are sure to notice boys soon, the value of a godly friend is critical. I think it is important to be proactive and intentional as we encourage our daughters to form, nurture and sustain good friendships.

My idea is to host a small group of
girls and study God's Word together, share practical ideas and nurture these friendships. We will meet every other week through out the summer for about an hour and a half each time. I will be making my own study with a little bit of help from the Secret Keeper Girl Friendship pack and an American Girl book on friendship. Most of what I will use will come straight from God's Word with good discussions on being a friend.

Making verse cards and sharing their definition of a friend.

We had a great time at our first meeting (everyone invited decided to take part in it). At our first group, we talked about "what is a friend". I am working on our next lesson (in my spare time). Next week I will be teaching about choosing good friends and including others. Then our next topics will be gossiping and jealousy and finally working things out.

I just loved our time together. These are precious girls, still tender for God's Word and doing what's right. I am thanking God for blessing us with such friends. This just goes along with my passion for being purposeful in how we spend our time and raise our children.


Elle J said...

LOVE this and we have those books too! Wish we lived in your area to have rec'd your email ~ we would have been there too. =) Great idea and following God's direction.

Tim and Susan said...

I was just challenged again by those passages in Deut. about being purposeful about teaching our kids God's Word and about Who He is and all He has done in our lives. Good for you to tackle this project, definitely worth your time and energy you wonderful mom you!!

I am sure your girls and the other girls too will be blessed!

K-Sue said...

How wonderful.

Bonner Family said...

How awesome!!! I hope your putting this all together in a neat little binder to pass onto those coming behind. I LOVE this!! I have so many of your ideas "in my back pocket". You definitely get a lot done in a day :)

jessicawalling said...

What a great idea! I really admire your intentional parenting and impressing the Word of God on your children's hearts! It's rare to see this these days, sad but true even in our "Christian" families.